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Salsa Lessons Vancouver

If you live in Vancouver, you are very
fortunate! You can take this unique
training for achieving a perfect
body posture, beauty and sensuality.

Salsa Lessons Vancouver



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Client Testimonials

"Impressive! In my 25 years of practicing and teaching martial arts, I've never seen such an easy, complete, and effective training system as Mastermoves."
-- Jon Funk, Kung fu Master; President of Mantis Enterprises


core training recipes
Anyone who says crunches or sit-ups are good for you is seriously misinformed.


"With over 30 years of experience as a health and fitness educator and transformation coach, I have had the opportunity to use and to research many fitness programs. Without a doubt, Mastermoves has no counterpart in the field of fitness today!"
-- Dotti Berry, BA and M.Ed.in Health and Fitness; President, IMPACT Communications

"Fantastic! Mastermoves improved and benefited my entire body quickly and easily! I have been successful in the weight loss field for over 20 years and this is the first and only fitness program that I have ever endorsed."
-- Cathi Graham, Founder, Fresh Start Metabolism Program


core training for men and women
Discover how to Lose Belly Fat,
Get Ripped 6 Pack Abs


"Mastermoves is a balanced training method that compliments any lifestyle. I have found the training techniques to be very effective and easy to integrate in daily routines. Mastermoves routines and meal plans allow me to maintain a lean, healthy and efficient body."
-- Jamie Beuthin, Fitness Trainer

"The most effective and easiest fitness program I have experienced! At the age of sixty-one I had several small strokes that left me with almost no use of my left arm and leg. After about two months of training with Mastermoves, my muscle mobility and tone is better than it has been for years. Mastermoves works!"
-- Anne Kramer, CEO Current Technology Corporation


core training for slim down
"ShShape Up & Slim Down"
Complete Core Training for Women
maps the road to a trim and toned
stomach, slender hips and firm legs.
Core training for Women


I love it! I have been using Mastermoves now for almost a year and I haven’t missed one single day of exercise. My “gym” now consists of 2 tools that are both portable and easy to use. I can do my exercises anywhere any time -15 min. twice a day is a manageable exercise program for my busy life style.
-- Frances Preissl, Executive Assistance


core exercises for women

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Fitness Trainers / Personal Trainers


Fitness Trainers / Personal Trainers

Linda Zurak

Linda Zurak began studying the Pilates Method in 1993. She received teacher certification in 1999, graduating with honours from the Teacher Training Certification Program in Boulder, Colorado. This is recognized as one of the most rigorous training programs in the world consisting of 60 hours of formal lectures and 700 hours of apprenticeship. Linda is currently one of only two people in Canada to have this certification.

Jon Funk

Over 35 years of martial arts experience. Jon is direct 8th generation descendant in the Wong Hon Fun clan from the founder of Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Wong Long.

Trained in matial arts in Canada, Hong Kong, and China. He is Canadian forms champion, kung fu full contact fighter. Jon has featured on the cover of Inside Kung Fu magazine and Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated. Recognized historian, author, and columnist in fitness and martial arts. Currently Jon is the Executive Director of the Praying Mantis Kung Fu Federation
C.C.W.O. and certified 8th degree master level.

Richard Baxter

Dr. Richard Baxter has studied extensively in the field of health and wellness. His mission is to offer simple solutions for regaining and maintaining a high level of mind-body health. His focus is on positive lifestyle alterations that can be made gradually and maintained over a lifetime. Dr. Baxter regularly presents wellness seminars in his office and in partnership with Victoria's largest health food store. He was one of 30 health professionals selected to write a chapter in the recently released book, Walking with the Wise for Health and Vitality. Other authors in this book include Dr. Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. Phil McGraw; select company indeed!

Prior to entering the health field, Dr. Baxter was an officer in the Canadian Navy and an engineering consultant to the Federal government. Dr. Baxter holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering for the Royal Military College of Canada and a Doctor of Chiropractic (cum laude) from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Oswaldo Koch

Energetic, creative, competitive, and confident - these are all words that describe Oswaldo Koch, an industrial engineer, inventor, MBA and fitness trainer. Born in Peru , Oswaldo has an extensive background in fitness training. During his studies in the naval academy of Peru , Oswaldo learned a variety of fitness disciplines including boxing, gymnastics, self-defense, sailing, swimming, and diving. Later, Oswaldo trained in martial arts, free diving, dancing, yoga, tennis and marathon running.

Working in Canada as a computer professional with stressful, time-restricted schedules, Oswaldo began to seek alternative ways of exercising. It took Oswaldo over one decade to develop and refine the Mastermoves Fitness System.

Michelle Brezinsk

Michelle Brezinski has studied Fitness and Nutrition at Simon Fraser University and has received a Herbology Diploma from Dominion College. As a Health Consultant for the past ten years her goal has been to provide the most holistic approach to improve and maintain Wellness. Michelle enjoys all components of fitness and regularly compete's in most local 10 km runs. She believes that the power to heal is in everyone and that our first medicine comes from fitness and nutrition giving us the strength to provide ourselves and those around us with the second medicine, love.

Fitness Trainer: Why You need one?

By Oswaldo Koch

Have you ever started out a new fitness regime with gusto and commitment, only to drop out, disappointed in yourself two months later? If you want to have good fitness results you need 3 months of daily exercises, proper hydration and natural food. I learned this process from the navy. I have designed the Mastermoves Core Training system based on 3 months of core muscle development - the fundation for optimal and lasting fitness.

Why most people need a fitness trainers?

Simply because most people lack the self-discipline to stick with a program longer than a couple of months, usually because they are easily bored, or not getting results quickly enough. In my opinion, any fitness program that promises lasting result in less that 3 months is just a fad.

Why most people fail at their fitness goals and give up?

Simply because they have misidentified their goals. They have set unrealistic goals. People set goals such as “I want to lose weight” without considering the the 3 fundamental steps: daily exercises, proper hydration and natural food. Most people take shortcuts such pills and suplements.

Viewing healthy nutrition, proper hydration and daily exercises as a temporary solution to a temporary problem is what leads most people into the yo-yo dieting cycle. The loss of muscle when dieting, coupled with a gaining of fat when not dieting, can have serious affects on one’s metabolism. And it can also leave us dissatisfied, softer, and more disappointed in ourselves than ever.

Why considering Core Muscle Training?

To be in great shape is one of the most rewarding human experiences - both physically and mentally - that you can imagine. And whether your goal is to improve your tennis game, play a better round of golf, or do a mini triathlon, the strength of your core muscles play a key role in your success.

Similar to the trunk of a tree or the foundation of a house, your core muscles are the foundation of your spinal cord, nervous system, posture and body movements. Here some of the most important core strength benefits of the MASTERMOVES program:

  • Lean & Strong Abdominal Muscles
  • Self-discipline
  • Smaller Waistline
  • Better Coordination & Body Flexibility
  • Good Management of Personal Time
  • Lower Back Pain Prevention
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Creativity & Productivity
  • Beautiful Body Posture & Movements
  • Greater Strength & Body Endurance
  • More Self-esteem & Self-discipline
    A Low-Intensity, Sweat-Free Workout (no crunches or sit-ups!)

How to set you fitness goals?

Simply changing some of the messages we give ourselves can change our approach to fitness, and make it easier for us to achieve real success—long term success. People have a difficult time identifying the changes in their behavior and routine that they must make. But this is where one must start.

One of the biggest problems all new students face is how to be disciplined and exercise daily. Don't let this worry you for now. A whole module is devoted to set your mind and commit yourself to your fitness goals and your tutor will advise you as needed throughout your training.

We show you: how to set your mind for your fitness success; how to eliminate toxins from your body; how to plan your meal; when to exercise; how and when to use mental relaxation and how to deal with those days that you a not in a mood to do what it takes to be success.

Our healthy and successful customers prove the effectiveness of our Tutors. They regularly have amazing results - because our programs work. Once your body has reached your optimal fitness level you should have no difficulty in achieving anything that you want in life. Follow our advice carefully, do everything we ask of you, and we are confident that - like many students before you - you too will soon be a fitness leader.

What are your advantage with MASTERMOVES Core Training?

MASTERMOVES uses the same methods and exercises as dancers, athletes and top fitness experts. We combined the best elements of Martial Arts, Yoga, Gymnastics, Dancing and Body Massage to bring you the ultimate fitness program - simple and very effective.

The MASTERMOVES fitness programs consist of relaxing exercises designed to tone your body and develop your flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and speed.

The exercises are performed with the help of two simple tools - the Master Disk and the Master Rod. In addition you can include the Master Massager for body relaxation and flexibility.

The beautiful tools are crafted from a highly durable hardwood; these products are attractive, safe, and portable to take with you just about anywhere - home, work and trips.

How to start your Core Training program?

All too often, we start off a fitness, diet, and lifestyle change routine in a big way, and then quickly burnout, overwhelmed by all the change.

To help you become a successful person (mentally and physically) we offer you a comprehensive, home-study fitness training program - designed by professionals. All aspects of health and fitness are covered including:

  • Relaxation training
  • Nutritional training
  • Mental training
  • Physical training
  • Planning and Tracking training

Based on your age and body type, we will recommend a customized fitness program, and offer advice on how to achieve your fitness goals.
OUR goal is to ensure that you achieve YOUR goal.

Once you have reached your goals, we will show you how to become a fitness leader and how to set an example for others. We will give you practical fitness advice that will make all the difference between success and failure.

Fitness and Health does NOT have to be an “all or nothing” proposition. Why start exercising and eating right and stopping drinking all at the same time? For those of us who have been inactive and careless about our eating habits over a long period of time, what makes us think that we will be able to completely change the routine of our lives and maintain that for any length of time?

Instead of starting out in a big way, and then burning out, we suggest that you implement the 28-Day detoxification program and do small changes over the course of three months. Commit to only increasing your water intake the first week. Then add another small change, like cutting back on late-night snacks. The next week, you may decide to stop drinking or smoking, and after that you can begin to cut out fatty meats, or reduce caffeine intake, etc. If you do this, you will be much more likely to follow through, maintain your good habits, and will feel less deprived and punished.

What is the strategy for achieving fitness success?

Introduce one small change per week, and the lifestyle changes that you desire will happen, and will last for a lifetime.

Under the guidance of an experienced fitness trainer, you will achieve your fitness goals. The assignments are designed to give you a variety of natural exercises to do. The exercises are appropriate for any of the fitness goals you want to achieve (flexibility, coordination, endurance, strength or speed.)

  • You will also receive advice on how to:
  • Relax mentally and physically
  • Organize your meal plans
  • Become a fitness trainer
  • Improve your overall health & fitness

If you are interested we can also explain how you can improve your vitality and beauty, and how to avoid the common errors and mistakes that many people make when they begin MASTERMOVES.

Your tutor will encourage you with objective, realistic and constructive comments. Through this firm but gentle approach many students come to know their tutor as a trusted friend.

All of our tutors are successful fitness experts. Each person has the experience learned only through specialized training and hard work. We have trained them to help you overcome any difficulties you may encounter as a MASTERMOVES student.

From their own experiences our trainers can assist you from start to finish, so you achieve the results you came to us looking for. Everybody at MASTERMOVES has the same goal - to help you become a strong, confident and successful fitness leader.

What are your Guarantees?

We believe in our programs so much that if you buy any of our fitness program and you register for the Mastermoves 100 Day Challenge:

You can try out the program for 90 days and return it for a FULL REFUND if you're not completely satisfied.

If you have not achieved your fitness goals within the 100 days, you can return your program and you will receive a FULL REFUND.
After 3 months, if you are not 100% satisfied with the Mastermoves program, we will compensate you for your time: you can keep all the bonuses, and you will receive your money back IN FULL.

Your guarantees are your safeguard of a fair deal and high training standards from OK Initiatives, Inc. They are our commitment to you.
Providing you play your part, you can't lose! You have nothing to lose and only a healthy body to gain.

A Success Story

"...Mastermoves help me eliminate my middle-age pot-belly."

"As a 51 year old office worker, tied to a desk, I found that I was gaining pounds. Off and on, I tried dieting, but realized that the popular diet programs and exercise plans did not work long term. I was looking for a new way out, especially after seeing myself in a family celebration photo and realizing that I did not like what I saw. The years of indulging in food, drink and good times were taking their toll on my health and personal well-being. I didn't want to be part of the middle-aged pot-belly syndrome anymore.

Then on a Vancouver afternoon, it was my good fortune to accept Oswaldo's challenge for fitness and prosperity and I have not looked back since."

Mastermoves is designed to improve the health and well-being of the people it serves. Like building a house, Mastermoves focuses on building core muscles strength - the foundation of your body. In the next 3 minutes you will learn how you can benefit from this easy and highly effective fitness system. For more information click on the following links:

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