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Since 1995, OK Initiatives Inc. has delivered information and technology services for large international organization including Bell Canada, CP Forest and Standard Life. We provided services in software development, strategic planning, change management and project management services for large and complex initiatives.

Currently, we are the manufacture and distributor of the Mastermoves Core Training programs.

Company Name: OK Initiatives, Inc.
Telephone: (604) 742-1120

About Mastermoves

Mastermoves is a simple Core Training program for creating and maintaining optimal health and fitness. You can practice Mastermoves at home, work, hotel, virtually anywhere. To achieve success with your fitness training, you will implement and practice the SEVEN STEPS TO YOUR NEW BODY:

We are experts in core muscle training for perfect body posture and high productivity. We provide a Complete and Balanced Personal Fitness Training Plan and Healthy Meal Planning Solutions for Optimal and Lasting Fitness. You will learn how to exercise spending 15 minutes twice a day to achieve the abs you've always wanted.

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Master Moves - Core Training System
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