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How to use Vision Boards?

Several years ago, I started out just like you, searching books and the web for information that would allow me to understand how to use the Law of Attraction.

What I found was a mess of commercial product, and an equal number of books and training techniques. Unfortunately, I ended up wasting money on books, and wasting time reading articles on the web, before finding the right solution that I can now share with you. But first, a little background about me and how I manage to use the Law of Attraction in my business and personal life.

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After I finished my engineering degree, I worked as a mainframe computer programmer for a petroleum company. For several years I use Vision Boards techniques to analyze and make complex system obvious and simple to understand. I learned advanced applications of Vision Board techniques while doing graduate studies in computer sciences. The topic of Vision Boards was mentioned during a fascinating class about Discrete Mathematics.

Discrete mathematics allows you to explore unique problem situations that are not directly approachable through writing an equation or applying a common formula. You are often required to visualize the situation through developing a model or another form or graphical representation. The theory of discrete mathematics does not require learning a large number of definitions and theorems, but it does require a sharp and inquisitive mind.

Step One: Set clear goals and the relationship to your central main goal.

Vision Board can help you to develop a concentrated and inquisitive mind. Daily practice of mental concentration and visualization is required to master the use of Vision Boards. But let me warn you. If you're expecting complex systems, you are in for a surprise. Perhaps, the most difficult part is learning how to relax you mind and body. If you already know how to relax, you are 50% ahead of the game.

During my search on Vision Boards, I bought many books of the leading expert of mind control, meditation, relaxation and physiology. Upon failing to make an simple way to teach how utilize the Law of Attraction, I then sought out and tested techniques from NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and the Silva Mind Control method. I tested every feature, read through all the books on visualization and mind control, and practice countless hours of relaxation and meditation techniques.

This is what I found; Of the many books and products that teach you how to make Vision Boards: Before creating your Vision Boards, you need to train your mind for relaxation and meditation. Given these findings, you might rightfully ask why anyone would want to pay for the commercial software to make Vision boards? The answer usually comes down to the following points:

Most people don't know that a Vision Board is a simple technique, or which of the many books or programs will actually do the job (keep it simple).
Most people are afraid to experiment with unknown techniques, with no support and with no idea if the Vision Board does work or not.
Most people do not have the time to search out and test the different techniques to create effective Vision Boards.

Step Two: Set clear objectives and deadlines
Step Three: Track the results of your objectives.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. But the Law of Attraction gives rise to some tough questions that don’t seem to have good answers. I would say, however, that these problems are not caused by the Law of Attraction itself but rather by how people handle life day by day.

People often handle life as they do bad weather. They while away the time waiting for it to stop. Yet the tide of opportunity comes to everyone. The Law of Attraction works for everyone all the time, but you've got to be ready for the opportunities. When your chance comes, you must have the equipment to take advantage of it.

Take a second look at what appears to be someone's 'good luck.' You'll find not luck but preparation, planning and success-producing thinking. When you're prepared for opportunity your chance for success is sure to come. The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.

You see, "hoping", "wishing", "wanting", "thinking", and perhaps even "praying" for good things to happen might make you feel all warm and fuzzy... but they can only ever get you so far... it's like a lifeline thrown to a drowning swimmer... they've got to grab it and hold on tight!

By using Vision Boards, you will learn to hold on tight to your personal goal and to take consistent action to manifest your goals. Having a clear vision, is the first step for making the Law of Attraction work for you and effortlessly take those vital actions to find the perfect people to attract to you... simply by how you react to your daily event and circumstances.

Natural Laws - Basic Principles

All creation is governed by law. The principles that operate in the outer universe, discovered by scientists, are called natural laws. These laws describe ways in which cause and effect are related. These laws are all interrelated and are founded on the understanding that everything in the universe is energy, including us, and that energy moves in a circular fashion.

The natural Laws can also be viewed as guidelines for behaviors that will enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. When you are AWARE of these laws you learn to put your ATTENTION on the object of your INTENTION. When that occurs, your EXPECTATION will create a VIBRATION to orchestrate an infinite number of events to ATTRACT and materialize your desires. Let me explain some of these laws:

  • The Law of Awareness states that if you want to change something, first increase your awareness of the way it is. Whatever helps to increase awareness of what is will promote learning; whatever hides or distorts awareness of what is will block or distort learning. Since we are capable of conscious AWARENESS we can CHANGE the energy and informational content (Beliefs) of our reality and in so doing cause things to manifest or stop manifesting.

  • The Law of Intention is based on the fact that there is always an infinite amount of energy and information present to create what ever you desire. At the quantum mechanical level (spiritual) the entire universe is simply the movement of energy and information. At the quantum level, intention transforms or changes information and energy into what you put your attention on by organizing events and circumstances till you manifest your desires.

  • The Law of Action states that action must be applied in order for us to manifest things on earth. Therefore, we must engage in actions that support our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words.

  • The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. One of the highest and most potent forms of energy is thought. Thought is electrical energy, vibrating at a very fast frequency. You may have heard it said that thoughts are things. Every thought creates a vibration, which travels out into the universe and begins to take a form.

  • The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. When you learn the true "cause" of your experience of reality, and that you can actually alter that reality in any way that you wish, it opens a door of Infinite Possibility. This is how the Law of Attraction pulls your desires to you like a magnet.

  • The Law of Expectation states that what you expect from your life you will receive. What you believe you can, or can't do, will manifest itself. What you doubt, have uncertainty about or create disbelief, your thoughts will create that as your reality.

To harness the power of these powerful universal laws, these "Basic Principle" should be learned, practiced and mastered consistently. Some will be easy to understand and practice; others will be unfamiliar and difficult to practice.

Embrace each of the Basic Principles and endeavor to practice them in your daily activities; for it is in the daily application of these principles that relaxation and richness meet to create prosperity and happiness in your life. Attention energizes (gives energy) to the Law of Attraction, which then pulls your desires to your reality. Be aware that change is brought about by conscious attention and intention - whatever you put your attention on increases.

Rules to Use Vision Boards

Even though I hold several university degrees and have worked internationally for major corporations, what makes me feel truly successful and confident in life is how I learned to map my mind and make things obvious and understandable to other people. I can study and work in any area that I want, skin dive in the depths of any ocean, climb any high mountain, and practice any sport, thanks to discipline and the learning method I use to educate my mind and train my body.

"You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives." ~Clay P. Bedford

The learning method that you will use to learn and practice the "Basic Principles" is called Vision Boards. This method is a simple way to apply pictures, words, arrows and signs in analyzing, learning, understanding and remembering new concepts such "Basic Principles." Vision Boards are so simple that primary school children can learn it in 5 minutes. Here are the rules:

Rule # 1 - Make Things Obvious

This manual is to be lived, not just read. With that goal in mind, you will use vision boards to create a mental map of your understanding of each famous quote that you will read in this manual. I guarantee that by the time you finish reading this manual your creativity, logic thinking skills and memory will be greatly enhanced.

Basically, you will learn to think the way every genius does; you will learn to use both sides of your brain and apply creativity at the same times as you exercise logic to make things obvious.

Using Vision Boards while you read this manual will ensure that you understand the content of this manual. Making mental maps of each famous quote that you read will make you an active reader because you will engage your mind and body in analyzing and understanding ideas and concepts. Most important, in the process of creating mental maps, you will learn to ask questions and to think creatively - the process of making things obvious.

"No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious." ~George Bernard Shaw

Rule # 2 - Enjoy the Price of Success

Learning new information and practicing new techniques is not enough. You will never achieve real success unless you learn to like what you're doing. Your chances for success will be directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you derive from what you do. If you have a job you hate, face the fact squarely and get out. Work must be rewarding, not a form of punishment.

For instance, if you learn something fun like Vision Boards, you will enjoy what is called active reading, which will substantially increase your learning process and the development of important skills. To unleash the full power of your mind, you must to learn to create blueprints for mapping your thoughts in a way that is fun and engaging. Initially, this process is not easy but soon you will love it. Why? Because taking notes and making a graph is the process of making relevant information obvious to you - the pleasure of understanding.

Creating the blueprints for your success is the first step to making your thoughts real. Taking notes and making graphs will help you graphically represent your thinking and will greatly enhance your mental and muscle memory. Most people learn by doing. Engaging with materials in a physical sense creates a physical memory. In education this is referred to as kinesthetic learning. Understanding and loving what you do will make all the difference.

"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." ~Albert Einstein

Rule # 3 - Take action now

Life is largely a matter of action and expectation. You must expect success and take action, if you want to succeed. When you take action now and expect things to happen, strangely enough, they do happen - action coupled with expectation energizes your goals giving them momentum. When you take consistent action and believe something good can happen, it will happen. The dreams you believe in become a reality.

Set your goals high. If you begin with some wild expectations and take action now, you'll succeed beyond your wildest expectations. Take action now and applying vision boards to learn how to think like the brilliant minds from whom most of this manual is made to help you relax and grow smart.

"A thought which does not result in an action is nothing much,
and an action which does not proceed from a thought is nothing at all." ~Georges Bernanos

Rule # 4 - Become an Avid Learner

Become an avid learner and you'll succeed beyond your wildest expectations. A successful learning process includes the following steps:

  • Recognizing the fundamentals of a method
  • Practicing and applying the fundamentals with determination and acceptance of mistakes or failure
  • Mastering the fundamentals
  • Teaching the fundamentals

The first step, recognizing the fundamentals of a method, is the most important aspect of any learning strategy. Being able to summarize the essential in a simple graphical way will enable your mind to create the association between important information you need to know and how to apply it.


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