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Core Relaxation

Regular practice of deep relaxation for 20 – 30 minutes on a daily basis can produce, over time, a general feeling of relaxation and well-being that benefits every area of your life. When you feel relaxed and at ease you are less likely to turn on the anxiety response and will find that you feel more in control most of the time.Some of the benefits of Core Relaxation are:

  • Allows the immune system to recover and so function more effectively.
  • Lowers blood pressure in many people and so decreases the likelihood of stroke and heart attack.
  • Increased energy and productivity.
  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Increase in ability to focus Reduction of insomnia and fatigue
  • Relaxation gives a 'break' from things and lowers activity within the limbic system of the brain, the emotional center.
  • Increased self confidence and creativity

The key to Core Relaxation is to build it into your lifestyle. The motivation for sticking with it comes from the results you get.

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Core Exercises

The significant benefits of Core Exercises follow through to whatever you are involved in, because the area around your trunk and pelvis is where your center of gravity is located. Some of the benefits of Core Exercises are:

  • Better posture
  • Better shape
  • Improved fitness performance
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Increased protection and stability for your back
  • Increased performance for sports movements

When you have good core stability, the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen work in harmony. They provide support to your spine and help transmit increased power and performance for just about any activity.

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Core Hydration

Achieving optimal health and fitness means including plenty of nutrients and water in your daily regimen. Choose Core Hydration for optimal body hydration, since your total body weight is about two-thirds water and it is vital for all chemical reactions in the body. Some of the benefits of Core Hydration are:

  • Prevents hyponatremia - low blood sodium levels.
  • Prevents respiratory distress and ultimately death.
  • Improved fitness performance
  • Decreased infections (e.g., urinary tract infections)
  • Lowered urinary pH
  • Decreased constipation
  • Decreased acute confusion and disorientation
  • Increased performance for sports movements

The basic rules of survival are that many people can survive for weeks without food, but they can only live a few days without fluids.

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Core Nutrition

Do you know what to eat? Suggestions on what and how much to eat can be confusing, especially when faced with varied and conflicting nutritional advice. Some of the benefits of Core Nutrition are:

  • Fewer calories ­- helpful for weight control
  • Lower in saturated fat -- better for the heart
  • More iron -- better for muscles and blood
  • More zinc -- better healing and fighting infection
  • Organic meats and fish -- stay lean
  • More vitamin A -- better vision
  • More calcium -- stronger bones and teeth

Core Nutrition helps to promote the 3 basic rules for a healthy diet: variety, balance, moderation.

Variety means that you must include many different foods from each level of the Food Pyramid because no single food can supply all of the nutrients that your growing body needs on a daily basis. This can help to expand your food choices. It is best to eat foods of all colors. The more colors and textures in your daily meals, the better range of nutrients you'll get. Balance means that you must eat the right amounts of foods from all levels of the Food Pyramid each day. This way you will get all the calories and nutrients you need for proper growth and development. Moderation means that you are careful not to eat too much of any one type of food.

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Any Age or Body Type - Your NEW Body is Here!

Based on your fitness level, the goal of our fitness programs is to work the area that supports your trunk and spine. By creating a firm, lean and strong core muscles, you will stabilize the spine so it acts like a solid foundation for sustaining a good body posture and outanding fitness level.

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