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Starting his career as an engineer, Oswaldo Koch worked in the petroleum and telecommunication industries for several years. Later, he studied an MBA, became a PMP and worked in IT for over 15 years - developing, testing and maintaining computer software for major international companies.

In 2000, as student at University of Victoria , Koch started selling fitness products over the Web and learned the complete process of bringing a new product to market - from conception to refinement.

As a project manager, Koch has implemented several projects related to process improvements, IT infrastructure upgrades, outsourcing, re-engineering and product development.


Koch worked for major national and international companies including petroleum, telecommunication, petrochemical, finance, human resources, health and fitness industries.

During the past decade Koch has worked in product development, e-commerce, direct response TV, and B2B with Fitness Quest, The Shopping Channel, Icomm TV, and ShopNBC.


After completing his MBA, Koch devotes his time to analyzing process improvements and business model for developing new products and services with the correct use of technology.

Drawing upon his personal experience in the navy, martial arts and the practice of sports, Koch has developed several fitness programs. His routines are practical and his message is clear:

“Core strength is the foundation for physical and mental work. Core strength makes our daily activities more efficient,” says Koch. “Our internal organs, including our brain, work better when our core muscles are strong to sustain the correct posture.”


"Oswaldo was inspirational, touched everyone in the room. He was articulate, charming, warm, inviting, and totally wonderful. The feedback was terrific - we could not have done better!!!!
- Toastmasters

“The audience was completely captivated and deeply touched by Oswaldo's speech. One of my favorites parts was when Oswaldo explained the fundamental moves for core training.”
- YMCA Connections

“Everyone was excited with the content of his presentation. We were delighted to hear such a dynamic and professional presentation which was based on a sound understanding of marketing and e-commerce.”
- BC Inventors Association

Koch founded in 2000 after experiencing a mountain bike accident. The experience of the accident and painful recovery helped him to understand the importance of Core Training in the development of optimal fitness.

The practice of Core Training requires optimal hydration, nutrition, exercise, hygiene and effective use of energy in all action - mental and physical. As a result, improving flexibility and strength not only prevents back problems, it also improves the correct posture of the body for better mental and physical performance.


The practice of sports triggers brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. Both physical and mental well being are the result of regular practice of sports.

  • Sports are the source of health and recreation.
  • Sports encourage the growth of team-spirit.
  • Sports boost your self-confidence.
  • Sports create discipline and direction to achieve our goals.

If you want to enjoy sports and fitness, make sure you keep your core muscles lean and strong - This leads to better endurance, balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities.

Oswaldo Koch

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