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Oswaldo is an industrial engineer, fitness trainer, inventor, MBA, IT expert. He has 15 years of professional experience developing, testing and maintaining computer applications for major international companies. Product development expert Oswaldo Koch is the creator of Mastermoves, one of the most effective and popular Core Training system sold on TV and the Internet.

As an engineer and inventor, he knows well the process between prototype and going into manufacture. He knows how to avoid the costly mistake that some novice inventors make where they end up with a house full of product that they are unlikely to sell.

After completing his MBA, Oswaldo became an expert product development and marketing based on intuition, strong analytical and problem-solving skills. As a project manager, he has achieved exceptional leadership and communication skills. Oswaldo has a passion for all aspects of product development from conception to refinement.

During his studies in the naval academy of Peru, he learned the art of proper nutrition and a great variety of fitness disciplines including boxing, gymnastics, self-defense, sailing, swimming, and diving. Later, Oswaldo trained in martial arts, free diving, dancing, yoga, tennis and marathon running.

Imagine suffering a nearly fatal mountain biking accident. You've fractured your neck and after enduring a painful head brace and without exercising for 1 year, you develop an amazing fitness condition - a beautiful, flexible, fast and strong body in just 3 months of training. Oswaldo Koch of Vancouver has done just that. He became an expert in core muscle development while healing a painful back injury that put him at risk of becoming a paraplegic.

The experience of the accident and painful recovery helped him to understand that success in life is the result of a holistic practice of mental and physical fitness, as a result of hydration, nutrition, exercise, hygiene and effective use of energy in all action - mental and physical.

From Zero to 6-Pack Abs in 3 Month

Working in Canada as a computer professional with a stressful, time-restricted schedule, Oswaldo began to seek alternative ways of exercising. It took him over one decade to develop and refine the Mastermoves Training System

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Motivational Speaker

Oswaldo Koch speaks primarily to any organization looking to achieve high productivity. He is an expert in showing organizations how to get more from their employees and information systems.

Drawing upon over twenty years of corporate experience in both high-tech, manufacturing and human resources, His client list includes some of the largest corporations in the private sector, major trade and professional associations, small business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. His presentations are thought provoking. His advice to his audience is practical. He speaks with passion. And his message is clear:

"Most of us live in a society where elevators, escalators, and automobiles have rendered muscles, once firm and strong from running and climbing, weak and flaccid. Our minds have also become dulled from lack of use as we allow computers to do more and more of the work for us. Our bodies weaken from food that is too rich and a physical life that is too soft. Our society, our economy, our lifestyle is geared to the instant and disposable. We have turned into a materialistic society, with no respect for our planet. My intention is to make this presentation the clearest and most inspiring information to help you address most of these challenges".

As well as keynoting, Oswaldo offers in-house management development programs and facilitates team building and planning sessions. Since 2001 he has been introducing "cutting edge" skills and concepts around:
- overcoming obstacles
- transforming people into leaders
- fostering superior team performance
- achieving optimal fitness

Keynote Titles:

- Winning At News Teams (Team Building)
- Becoming A Master Leader (Leadership)
- Vision Boards (Creativity)
- Becoming A Master Manager (Management)
- The Science of Persuasion (Communication)
- Internet Marketing (Business)
- Wining At New Products (Strategies)


"Oswaldo was inspirational, touched everyone in the room. He was articulate, charming, warm, inviting, and totally wonderful. The feedback was terrific - we could not have done better!!!!
- Toastmasters

“The audience was completely captivated and deeply touched by Oswaldo's speech. One of my favorites parts was when Oswaldo explained the fundamental moves for dancing with beauty and sensuality.”
- YMCA Connections

“Everyone was excited with the content of his presentation. We were delighted to hear such a dynamic and professional presentation which was based on a sound understanding of marketing.”
- BC Inventors Association

Inspirational Writer

Oswaldo Koch writes primarily about fitness and prosperity -- the science of success. He sees every person as a tremendous, still-untapped leverage point for increasing creativity and productivity and he is an expert in showing them how to unleash the power of the mind and body.

Some of Oswaldo’s published books an manuals are:
- The Core Challenge
- Your New Body is Here
- Vision Boards
- Relax and Grow Smart
- Basic Principles

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Committed to Excellence

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Mastermoves, a community of people who are committed to excellence and exceptional high standards and best pratices to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. These carefully designed easy-to follow workouts will show you how, with a little effort and determination, you can achieve great result. You and everyone else can learn the most easy-to-follow exercises to practice at home, work, hotel or in a gym.

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