Core Training vs Weight Training

“Your body cannot achieve what your mind cannot believe.”
By Oswaldo Koch

Many fitness trainers still emphasize weight training to build core muscles. I do not agree.

Firstly, weight traning is not a functional movement; it is based on linear movements designed to enhance muscle volume. The linear movements contract and tighten muscles, hindering body flexibility needed for daily functional activity. Secondly, core strength is actually a precondition for weight training. If you are training with weights without sufficient core strength you will be prone to injury. Thirdly, weight training puts unsustainable pressure on the joints and back. Light freeweights may be okay but not heavy weightlifting.

Less Pain, More Gain

One of the key differences between Master Moves and other fitness programmes is that Master Moves do not focus solely on muscle development. We believe in preparing and training “from the inside out” through 5 Core Pillars:

      • Hydration
      • Nutrition
      • Exercise
      • Hygiene
      • Energy

If your intestines are clogged and your organs inflated by toxins then muscle training alone will not produce results because you will not have addressed the underlying need to detoxify, cleanse, and recondition your digestive tract to eliminate waste more efficiently.

Master Moves offer hydration, nutrition and hygiene tips to cleanse and prepare your body for muscular development. Moreover, the Power Disk hip rotations also help to cleanse your internal core by stimulating the flow of body fluids and prompting otherwise weak and sedentary organs to wake up and function more efficiently.

Hip rotation is a natural and functional movement critical for our daily activities and the practice of sports. The natural, circular rotations you experience when you dance or play sports is similar to the training with Master Moves - simultaneously lengthen and strengthen core muscles. This means that in addition to developing strength you gain flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance which are key to functional movement.

Core Training Benefits

The core region consists the abdominal muscles all the muscles of your back that stabilize the spine and pelvis of your body. These muscle groups are critical for the transfer of energy from large to small body parts during your daily activities and sports.

What are the benefits of core strength training to you?

- Reduces toxins and bely fat.
- Reduces stress and tension.
- Reduces risk of heart attack.
- Better body posture & coordination.
- Better sleep quality & relaxation.
- Stronger and tone muscles
- Stronger immune system function
- Stronger muscles and bones.
- Increases muscle flexibility.
- Increases libido, energy and vitality.
- Helps you manage your weight

The effectiveness of Master Moves is the culmination of over 35 years of research and personal experience traditional training, martial arts, and rehabilitation exercise. We have received positive feedback not only from fitness trainers but also from health professionals such as chiropractors, physiotherapists and nutritionists who have used Master Moves successfully.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people reclaim their natural fitness state. We promote best practices for optimal health, fitness, productivity and prosperity. We are commited to improve your health and well-being. Our goal is to empower you with health education and lifestyle skills that will enable you to achieve your best health and fitness.

Master Moves differs from many traditional weight training routines by working both the lower back and abdominals in unison. We consider not just muscles but also the spine, nervous system, circulatory system and vital organs, all of which sit in the core.

In addition to our simple and portable tools, we prioritize education because we want our clients to be self-sustaining. Our manuals contain important information and tips on the 5 Core Pillars of Health. We also offer free periodical instructional E-newsletters, videos and articles where we take people back to the basics of Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise, Hygiene and Energy because we believe that these principles are fundamental to a sustainable and durable fitness experience.

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