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Core training - Natural FitnessCore RelaxationCore training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural Fitness
Core training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural FitnessCore training - Natural Fitness




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The first step towards fast hapiness, prosperity and fitness is reading the following books:

The Vision Boards Manual (Introduction)

The day you make a Vision Board for yourself, the day you have a clear vision, the day you stop making any excuses about manifesting your vision, that's the day you start on the road to success.

Once you have a Vision Board, you have the power to succeed at anything. The power to fulfill your dreams starts with the ability to represent your vision on the board - your Vision Board. Sound far-fetched? Read and practice the techniques from this manual.

Relax and Grow Smart (Introduction to Vision Boards)

This manual applies highly effective learning techniques that I personally used during my studies of engineering and computer sciences.

These techniques are known as "Graphs Theory", "Structure Analysis" and "Business Objects". For your benefit, I have combined and refined these techniques into an easy method that I called vision boards.

This is a good introduction to the Law of Attraction.

Core Trainig Manul (FREE Version)

This manual is the culmination of more that 20 years of refining and enhancing the practice of Core Training. Our integrated fitness approach will help you develop and maintain an optimal level of energy based on five core pillars:

1. Core Hydration
2. Core Hygiene
3. Core Nutrition
4. Core Training
5. Core Energy

This is a short version of the Core Challenge Manual

CORE Training Club
<< FULL Access>>

When you buy the Core Training book, you gain access to more than twenty different training programs at a value far exceeding $200.

After you make your purchase, you will gain instant access to The Core Training Club (private website). You will gain a six month pass to a plethora of gifts from some of the world's foremost experts and trainers on health, wealth and happiness.

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core training book
"One of the most effective, powerful, and simple fitness books ever written!"
Charn Deol, PhD


Making wise food choices all day, every day, will help you live and enjoy a longer, healthier life.

Business & Networking

We work with our clients to add value to their teaching, learning and research
We encourage and reward learning. Here you have some great deals:

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The Most Inspiring Video Clips
You will have access to a compilation of great videos for enhancing your lifestyle and relationships

Pavarotti & Barry White

My first, my last, my everything

The Greatest


By Oswaldo Koch



Virtual Holidays... Enjoy the Adventure
Every day is a celebration... but holidays is the occasion for more celebrations with neighbors, friends and colleagues than at any other time of the year.





core muscle training exercises

Mastermoves Core Muscle Exercises will help you develop lean and strong abdominal muscles, firm thighs, rock hard buns, and sculpted muscles from head to toe... anywhere, any time - sweat free!
More information onnCore Training

IMPORTANT: Do you do sit ups, crunches, abs machines, or tiring exercises?
Learn why these exercises may be doing you more harm than good.

Core Training System

Introduction to Core Exercises



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