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“If a man insisted always on being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without knowing it."
-- Herodotus, Greek historian, 425 BC

It is an unfortunate fact that in day-to-day most people does not realize the extraordinary importance of relaxation. Why should you be interested in Relaxation? Herodotus would say to give you an advantage in living your life. Relaxation is so important in our lives as it helps to keep our stress levels down, and consequently improves our health, productivity, creativity and intuition. Too much work and not enough time out for ourselves can result in mental health problems, lack of energy, memory failure and even heart attack.

Plato, Herodotus, Einstein, Edison, Picasso, Athletes, Scientist & Leaders became more successful because they know how to to relax and use most of their intutions' power!

Intuition works in relaxation.

Intuition, relaxation and creativity are inborn talents of all human beings. This talents make us distinct and sets us apart from other animals in this world. However, to harness the power of our intuition and creativity, we must learn to relax mentally and physically. It is because of our ability to relax that we are creative and intuitive; we can look at old ideas and discover new thing in them.

If you are intuitive you can tell what others are thinking, understand what others are feeling, and help yourself to make the best choices for yourself and your family. Being a Genius doesn't mean that you have to live in some lofty creative world of ideas all the time. It includes using the power of our intuition. A genius has the ability to see around corners using intuition. When we face problems and aren't able to solve them in the conventional way, we knowingly or unknowingly seek for creative solutions for the problem. The more relaxed and creative we are at solving problems, the more intuitive we become to create and adapt concepts.

The Oikoumene, ancient map based on Herodotus, 450 BC
How Does It work?

You can learn to think like history's best minds. You are about to discover one of the secrets that these famous, powerful and wealthy individuals used to create their fame and fortune, but be aware, it is not anything you've ever heard talked of before:

First, you have to understand that we live in a world of cause and effect. All manifestation, everything we see, touch, feel, taste, or hear is an effect. What we see comes from that which we do not see. It's the invisible that creates the visible. It's the invisible the cause of all manifestations in our lives. And depending how we deal with the invisible things, we are able to create prosperity and happiness...pain and misery.

, you have far more power to create and influence you life than you may be aware of. In fact, you are creating your life this very moment by the thoughts you are choosing to entertain. Your thoughts are the main forces in creating your life and determining your success or failure.

, you can attend hundreds of seminars and read many dozens of books about success and the sad outcome is that you won't be successful until you master the practice of success. Success is not a result but a process - it is the direct manifestation of how you think and act, all the time. In short, success is the journey, not the destination.

, INACTION is the starting point for success. INACTION may be the secret you're missing. Through INACTION you can relax your body, master your mind, become more creative and discover your genius.

By practicing INACTION, Edison used to relax on a rocking-chair and enhance his imagination and creativity. And, many others, like Herodotus, Leonardo da Vinci and Plato, learned to use relaxation to harness the power of their minds. But, we are talking about slothful inaction to induce focused relaxation, which is vital in all your work. It helps you solve problems, get insights and be inspired. Inspiration and insights come only when your mind is calm. To learn more, click on Go Fit Now:

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