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“Do you recognize this scenario? Get up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee before dashing off to work or school. Mid-morning, feeling tired, lethargic, sleepy or lacking energy... time for another cup or two of coffee.”

Millions of people take pills to temper their mood swings. Just in North America, in 2014 drugs companies sold over $15 billions worth on antidepressants to battle debilitating mental disorders. Most of these mental disorders are result of lack of health and fitness, which is a contradiction because we all want to be healthy and enjoy a fulfilling life. Like playing guitar, practicing sports or any skill, controling our moods requires determination, discipline and regular practice.

Instead of taking pills, drinking coffee, eating junk food and relying on alcohol and drugs, regular Core Training is a powerful way to take control of our mood swings, especially when the going gets tough, and the temptation is to take the easy route with drugs and food. More that a mental condition, bad postures, stress and irritation in our internal organs are the main reason for mood swing. The fact is that when our organs are inflamed, our brain get inflame too. For this reason, more than just physical exercises, our programs are designed to relax our internal organs, restore the natural alignment of our back and enhance our vital energy.

Most of the time, lack of energy can be traced to one or more of your habits or routines. Lack of energy is a normal response to physical exertion, poor eating habits, emotional stress, boredom, or lack of sleep. In some cases, however, lack of energy is a symptom of an underlying medical problem that requires medical treatment. Energy is defined as: "the ability to do work." Asleep, awake, eating, resting, studying, working, praying or playing sports, all parts of our bodies (muscles, brain, heart, and liver) need energy to work. This energy comes from the food we eat. When we eat, our bodies transform the energy stored in the food into energy to do work. When we run or walk, we "burn" food energy in our bodies. When we think or read or write, we are also using energy.

What causes lack of energy? There are many contributory factors that can lead
to a feeling of lassitude and lack of energy. If you constantly feel tired and have checked with your doctor that there are no underlying medical conditions, perhaps it is time to consider other possible factors.

1. Bad diet - Fad dieting, erratic eating patterns, skipping meals or simply choosing a bad diet can play havoc with your overall well-being, draining your energy resources and leaving you feeling totally exhausted.

2. Stress - Whenever the body is experiencing stress, energy levels are sapped and several important nutrients namely vitamins B and C and zinc, are used up. The
only way to replenish that store its by eating foods containing high levels of the essential nutrients.

  • Vitamin B helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and release energy. It is found in potatoes, green vegetable, tomatoes, fresh and dried fruit, wholegrain cereals, brown rice, eggs, dairy produce, seafood, lean meat, liver, kidney, poultry„ peas, bean, lentils, nuts, and seeds.

  • Vitamin C helps the body to protect itself against possible infection. It is found in fresh fruits like oranges, grapefruits, blackcurrants, limes and fresh vegetables.

  • Zinc helps the body to resist possible infections. It is found in liver, red meat, egg yolks, dairy produce, wholegrain cereals, oysters, and other shellfish.

  • Complex carbohydrates help to increase energy levels and relax the mind. They are found in bread, rice, oats, pasta, and potatoes.

3. Alcohol and toxic substances - Toxins enter the body in many ways - from the air we breathe to the food we eat, from pollutants in the environment to alcohol, drugs and the emotional stresses of everyday life, all these factors can contribute to toxic build-up. After a while they can knock the body off balance, leaving you feeling sluggish and lacking in energy. However, if your body is treated right, that is, provided with the right nutrients and lifestyle choices, your metabolism will allow your trillions of cells to work in harmony. The outcome will be a disease-free life, lived with vitality and abundant energy.

If you have decided to keep your body energized and live well, rest assured that you will not regret it. Regular Core Training will help you relieve stress, decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease, strokes, obesity and even control mood swings. Do not became too obsessive about what you eat, or about the amount of exercise you try to do. Set yourself realistic targets, ones that you know you can achieve. In addition to regular exercise, one effective way to manage moos swings is be practicing relazation and meditation. This is explained in The Power of Relaxation program. Watch video clip:

Deep breathing - There is nothing quite so refreshing or relaxing as five minutes of deep, steady breathing to blow away those cobwebs. And deep breathing is also excellent for helping you to de-stress. Here are some basic instructions:

1. Sit in a quiet room.

2. If you are wearing a skirt or pants, undo the waistband so there is ample space for you to expand your stomach.

3. Close your eyes, now slowly breathe in through your nose, holding that breath for a count of five, and then, to a count of five, slowly exhale through your mouth.

4. Repeat this again several times.

To learn more about deep breathing and relaxation, try the The Power of Relaxation and let your body return it to a natural flow of energy and vitality. In doing so you are:

  • Improving your immune system
  • Improving your circulation
  • Restoring your natural flow of energy
  • Ensuring the body maintains the necessary energy it requires to stay healthy and fit.

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