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salsa lessons Vancouver
Salsa Lessons Vancouver



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Core Training Vancouver

Salsa Classes Vancouver






Salsa Classes Vancouver
St. Mark's Anglican Church,
1805 Larch Street at 2nd. Avenue (Kitsilano)
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Set Your DANCING GOALS... We'll Get You There!

Salsa classes Vancouver

ATTENTION: Dancers and non-dancers of all skill levels welcome!
No partner required!

Our Core Salsa Style? Watch this Video!

Get Your Best Body And Moves With CORE SALSA - Learn How To Dance With Beauty, Power, Flexibility and Sensuality. Improve Your Core Strength, Reduce Body Fat, And Improve Your Endurance - Completely Naturally - Sweat Free!

salsa vancouver

You'll Discover Exactly How To Build Solid Lean Muscles dancing Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Cha Cha... And More! You'll learn all know about the structure of Latin Dance and CORE TRAINING. You'll learn how to exercise for OPTIMAL FITNESS and ELEGANT DANCE.
Even if you've struggled to learn how to dance before, even if you think you are two left feet. We make sure you feel comfortable and confident with the routine which is simple, effective and above all elegant! It does not matter if you have no previous dancing experience, by the end of your 10 lessons you will feel and look like a dancer.

Mastermove understands that learning to dance can be a stressful and hectic experience, therefore we have included CORE TRAINING to help you relax and move your hips with power and beauty.

Wherever you learn your dance routine, we will ensure it’s a fun and an enjoyable experience were you and your dance partner can work together to create a dance which you will remember forever.

Whatever age you are , whatever body type you are, whether your male or female, Core Salsa is science and practice that truly delivers results.

Join us any FRIDAY
Just bring yourself along!


salsa dancer vancouver
"The value of maintaining rotational movement throughout the entire
spinal column is essential for dancing with power and sensuality.
Vitality is achieved when the spine is flexible, thus allowing for the spinal cord to function at optimum when .

Core Salsa Training is a great way to help you achieve both. It is easy to learn and simple to practice anywhere. Practicing Core Salsa daily will restore flexibility and stability as well as enhance coordination for dancing and sports. Dance your body into shape!"

-- Adra Heese, Fitness Trainer, Dancer.




Core Salsa Class $15 (Drop in)
Join us any FRIDAY - Just bring yourself along!

Keep It Simple...

Learn easy and beautiful basic steps in the beginners class and more challenging salsa dance figures in the intermediate class.

Taking up Salsa Lessons is the best way to get fit, meet people and have a great time. 

Many people have a desire to dance or improve their bodies shape and posture. Whether for personal enrichment or fitness, or as a hobby, dancing is a great form of self-expression but also a great way to develop fitness, beauty and sensuality.

Our Core Salsa Lessons will give you all you need to look good on the dance floor. Core Salsa Lessons last one hour long for ten weeks and will give you a good foundation to dance salsa.


Your Instructor...

Oswaldo Koch is an industrial engineer, inventor, MBA, IT expert and fitness trainer. He joined the Naval academy of Peru at the age of 16 where he learned the art of good body posture for sports, dancing and overall fitness. He has been dancing and practicing martial arts for over 20 years which allow him to develop a simple teaching method called Core Salsa Training.

Core Salsa Class $15 (Drop in)
Join us any FRIDAY - Just bring yourself along!



Salsa is similar to Mambo in that both have a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music. The dances share many of the same moves. In Salsa, turns have become an important feature, so the overall look and feel are quite different form those of Mambo. Mambo moves generally forward and backward, whereas, Salsa has more of a side to side feel.

Salsa music is a fusion of traditional African and Cuban and other Latin-American rhythms that traveled from the islands (Cuba and Puerto Rico) to New York during the migration, somewhere between the 1940s and the 1970s, depending on where one puts the boundary between "real" salsa and its predecessors.

The term "basic step" normally refers to a forward-backward motion. On counts 1, 2, and 3, the leader steps forward, replaces, and steps backward. On count 5, 6, and 7, they step backwards, replace, and step forward again.

The follower does the same, but with forward and backward reversed, so that the couple goes back and forth as a unit.

Dips are a fairly advanced Salsa moves that your will practice in our Salsa Intermediate Lessons.

Salsa Styles

Today, Salsa dancing can be divided into several styles defined by the geographic region from which they come. Generally, these styles are identified as L.A. style, New York style, Cuban and Miami style. Although these are not "official" styles, most salseros today identify the styles by these four names.

Beginners Level

Core Salsa ( LA, Tango Style )

Core Salsa style is very linear. It uses sensual hip motions, dips and arm styling. L.A. style is very flashy incorporating many flips and dips. LA style dancing is a pleasure to watch and a pleasure to dance and is usually danced on 1. The Los Angeles style uses the contemporary mambo basic as well but typically executes this step by breaking forward on count "1".

Mastermoves  runs Core Salsa Lessons for beginners on Fridays and intermediate on Sundays. Learn a variety of elegant moves from Salsa and Tango patterns.  Please for the next start dates.


Core Salsa Class $15 (Drop in)
Join us any FRIDAY - Just bring yourself along!

Our Style...

As part of your core training, you will learn how to dance Salsa with Tango variations, with the goal of getting you on the dance floor with the most sensual and elegant dancing style.

You will achieve an advanced level of Salsa Dancing in six months - what normally takes most people to learn in two years.

No partner necessary! ...Just bring yourself along!

Your Benefits...

You will learn Core Salsa and develop:

  • Good Posture
  • Good Body Balance
  • Correct Rhythm
  • Natural Sensuality


    Great Location...

    St. Mark's Anglican Church,

    1805 Larch Street at 2nd. Avenue (Kitsilano)
    Vancouver, BC, Canada


    Registration - Every Friday...

    CORE Salsa Lessons - On going


    St. Mark's Anglican Church,
    1805 Larch Street at 2nd. Avenue (Kitsilano)
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    7 pm - 9 pm
    What to wear:Comfortable dress or pants (jeans are okay) Comfortable shoes
    Cost:Cost: $15 per hour
    10 lessons and practice for $150
    Important:Please be on time - Doors will remain closed during Lessons
    Please confirm your attendance - 24 hours in advance by e-mail, fax or tel.

    No partner required! Dancers and non-dancers of all skill levels welcome!

    Core Salsa Class $15 (Drop in)
    Join us any FRIDAY - Just bring yourself along!






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