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Week Fourteen - Be Prepare for Success

In last week of The Core Challenge, you have the chance to be the best you can be and win The Core Challenge. There are many reasons why people achieve and don't achieve success. What we have discovered is that a pattern of success in the past can lead to on-going success in the future. One of the most effective ways to ensure a successful future in any area of your life is to follow Success Best Practice and build on small successes one at a time. Here are 20 of the best practices for success:

    1. Practice constant improvement - You need to come up with new solutions fast.
    2. Be persistent - You will overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.
    3. Practice will help you win - Feel successful for trying and failing.
    4. Be slave of good habits - Good habit will bring you closer to success.
    5. Greet every day with love - Love is the greatest strength in all ventures.
    6. Support the success of others - Success breads more success.
    7. Love and respect all people - Everybody has qualities to be admired.
    8. Plan for success - You can build on small successes one at a time.
    9. Be innovative - Keep your eyes for new ways of doing things.
    10. Work smart - Efficiency is what you do and how well you do it.
    11. Keep practicing - You will increase your chance for success at the next attempt.
    12. First impression counts - Be an expert about your business.
    13. Work when you work - Be the best you can be.
    14. Have a clear vision - Your problems are in truth great opportunities in disguise.
    15. Use your time wisely. Act with confidence and determination.
    16. Make sure your duties of today will be fulfill today.
    17. Be the master of your emotions: act with joy, enthusiasm, happiness and kindness.
    18. Take action - Your value will multiply with consistent action.
    19. You control your focus - Focus on success and you will be successful
    20. .Do what you love to do - Find your true passion

Apply these Best Practices for achieving your personal goal on a daily basis, and you will like the results. Please, be the best you can be practicing the following weekly schedule:

Take this program seriously and have fun!

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