.- Lose Belly Fat
.- Stop Slouching
.- Develop Core Strength


CORE TRAINING: Who needs it?

Slouching - Modern comforts and busy schedules have made too easy to slouch - making you look less attractive. Slouching affects your range of motion and strength, causing stress, back pain and mental fatige.

Back Injuries - Without adequate core training, your core muscles get tire too quickly. This lack of strength and endurance affects your body posture, increasing the risk of back injuries - disc degeneration and tendons problems in the lumbar spine.

Belly Fat - If you are feeling tired when you get up in the morning - if you need to lose weight and develop vitality, you need to lose belly fat and gain core muscles. This solid foundation of lean muscles will help you maintain energy from the "inside out."

Premature Aging - The older you get, the more stubborn belly fat becomes. As a result, belly fat build-up in the liver cells making you feel weak and tire. Building strong, toned core muscles is one of the most effective ways to look younger than your years - it shapes your organs and maintains youthful vitality.

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Did you like it?

Did you like it?

In 1998, the Creator of Master Moves, Oswaldo Koch, transformed his
body from a state of partial muscle atrophy to rippling abs. A nearly
fatal mountain bike accident injure Oswaldo's neck and lower back. For several months he was forced to immobilize his upper body with a "halo brace", so his fractured vertebrae could heal.

Using functional movements for rehabilitation, Oswaldo transformed to a
lean, strong and flexible body with rippling abs. As a fitness instructor,
he continues to help and inspires people of any age to do the same.
As a result, Master Moves was created for the following five reasons:

  • To lose belly fat and gain muscle mass.
  • To develop core strength for an active life.
  • To prevent injuries and back pain.
  • To gain a strong and confident posture.
  • To look and feel great at any age.

"Stop Slouching! Whether you’re walking, playing sports, working, resting, studying or mopping the floor, a rock-solid core will ensure that your movements are strong, elegant and pain-free." -- Oswaldo Koch


Our Core Training programs are perfected for men and women of any age. Regardless of your age or body weight, you can lose belly fat and gain strong core muscles. You can gain core strength and stand up straight - the outer sign of strength, character, discipline, health and beauty.

"A big waistline puts you at increased risk for many health problems -- diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke"
-- Robert Eckel,
MD, president of the American Heart Association




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Mastermoves Core Strength

The older you get, the more stubborn belly fat becomes. Belly fat occurs when you take in more fat and calories than your liver can process. As a result, belly fat build-up in the liver cells making your body toxic and weak.

A lean and strong body begins with the foods you eat and drink. In addition your body needs daily exercise and detoxification. We have integrated five pillars in the practice of Master Moves:

Hydration - Nutrition - Exercise - Hygiene - Energy

It takes only 10 to 15 minutes. The result like is better core strength, a higher calorie burn, improved full body functional strength, better postures, beautiful abs, hips, thighs, and buns. You can do most of the exercises at home, office, hotel...virtually anywhere and anytime.


If you want to look and feel good, you must lose belly fat and gain lean core muscles. Developing lean core muscles will help you reduce the risk of back injuries, eliminate unwanted belly fat, tone your body,shape your organs, and develop youthful vitality. By using just two portable tools and 15 minutes of Core Training a day, you will improve your core strength and flexibility to:

Enjoy a Healthy Back - Low back pain — a debilitating problem affecting four out of five people at some point in their lives can
be prevented. Exercising your core muscles is one of the best defenses against lower back pain. A strong core also improves
your balance, and coordination during your daily activities. This is particularly important to prevent accidents as you grow older.

Keep Good Posture Anytime - Weak core muscles contribute to slouching. Focusing on working all of the muscles in your core
helps to correct this imbalance and improves posture. Core training will help you stand taller, look stronger, and feel more confident.

Improve Your Lifestyle - Whether you are working in the garden, swimming, playing tennis, dancing or mopping the floor, strong core muscles improve performance in every activity. Think of all the activities you do everyday that involve your core. Working, exercising, playing sports, moving furniture, and even walking or climbing the stairs is easier when your core muscles are strong.

Develop Strength and Beauty - Your core is the “foundation”
of all your body’s movements, whether you are walking, working,
or playing a sport.
Your core protects your inner organs and
central nervous system and helps you keep a strong, confident

Lose Belly Fat - Belly fat is toxic for your body and reduces
bone mineral density. Belly fat surrounds organs, and excess belly
fat is linked to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Sleep
disturbances and chronic fatigue are also related to excess belly
fat. Core Training is the ideal exercise to eliminate belly fat and
toxins from your body.

Stop Slouching - Good posture means your bones are in the
right position and your joints, muscles, ligaments and internal
organs are working efficiently. It means feeling the energy and
vitality to stop slouching and allowing your nervous system to
work at peak efficiency. This condition can be achieved having


Core Training Oswaldo Koch
core training benefits

What people say about Master Moves

  • Since June 2013, I have lost 53 pounds due to the combination of Master Moves and eating clean and healthy.
    Now my back no longer hurts. I am a 52 year old male and now find myself with some definition of upper abs that I
    haven't seen in 30 years!!! This is great. Dennis Bottero

  • I'd like to mention I have not done the full program but just a month of good moves and my back pain has gone
    down a great deal. I don't wake up in pain anymore. But now I would like to get back to it and do your
    recommended exercise schedule.
    Thank you for your help. Leslie Lazaroff

  • I have your wonderful equipment and love using it. I was wondering though which exercises would help
    to get rid of jiggly, 'old lady' arms? I'm serious...this is a major problem for women. Thanks...Gail

  • You are true to your word. I received the ‘deluxe’ version of the Focus Bar and it is wonderful. Clearly a more
    superior quality of wood for which I am very grateful in receiving. Thank you for your excellent customer
    satisfaction. Helen Greenwood

  • I wish to thank you, Oswaldo, as well as your entire team, for Master Moves which work wonders for me. The
    Power Disk has not only enabled me to develop ab definition that I had never known, but it has also helped to hone
    my balance. Most exercise programs that I've tried out throughout my life to strengthen my core have been
    successful to build abs in 2 dimensions - height and width; but the rotating disk offers the only exercise that I've
    ever known that builds a third dimension - depth. After only a month, my six-pack is n-o-t emerging f-l-a-t, it
    stands out from the surface w-i-t-h r-e-l-i-e-f. Bruno Karsenti

  • Thank you for your prompt delivery of my new Mastermoves equipment. A bit about me. 12 years ago at the age of
    43, I was in a car accident. After the accident I could not walk properly and was in excruciating pain from the neck
    to the sacrum. the doctors kept saying it was soft tissue injuries and kept sending me to massage therapy and
    work strengthening which only made things worse.

    My problem has been trying to stay fit for all these years. I do have weight lifting restrictions and can not stress
    the shoulder and neck area as I can not put pressure on the neck as I do not want to do anything to cause the
    myelomalacia to increase in size. I have only been following your conditioning and morning routines for a few days
    now. I am finding I do feel like I have had a work out and I actually feel good afterwards. I have to make
    modifications to a couple of the exercises but they are minor modifications and I will still get some benefit from
    doing them as I do.
    Thank you for giving me the inspiration to try this no impact, functional looking program of
    yours. Carole Nielsen

  • Thank you very much, excellent product and incredible personal service. I have already recommended two people
    to you. Have a healthy and prosperous New Year! Steve and Cindy West

  • I started exercising December 18, 2011. I work out twice a day. I absolutely look forward to my exercise time.
    I have taken only two days off since the start. I am very happy with the results. I am dealing with a back injury of
    over 25 years. My body has never felt stronger since my working with the Power Disk and Focus Bar. Once again
    thank you for the best work out I have ever used. Sincerely, Clayten Adkens

Our Core Training programs include:

Instructional and Coaching Support
Video overviews and manuals on training, nutrition, supplementation, and motivation.

Portable and durable equipment
The Power Disk is load tested to 500 pounds (227 kilos) to ensure it will last over 10 years of normal usage conditions.
The Focus Bar and attachment will give you the perfect workout for upper body muscles - building strong shoulders and arms.

Easy, but effective exercise routines
You will tone and shape your muscles by elongating them through exercises to help you to feel stronger and more flexible.

You are unique. You need a flexible and efficient Core Training program.
You will gradually train from beginner to intermediate and advanced Core Training to help you achieve your optimal fitness level.

Our core exercises for beginners are specially designed for people who are in the need to develop core muscles,
perhaps because they are out of shape or possibly recovering from an injury or health problem. Our core exercise for intermediate
and advanced levels are ideal for people who enjoy and active life and the practice of sport.

Note: Each Core Training routine takes 15 minutes; however, the initial routine takes only 5 minutes twice a day.

Core Training Portable Core Training Core Training for Men
We've done all the work for you - DVDs, Manuals, Portable Equipment & Online Support!
core training programs

Your Lifetime of Health and Fitness

If you are looking to lose weight, or have already lost weight, but desperately need
to shape and tone your core muscles, Master Moves is the core training you've
been waiting for! We are so sure you'll love the results, we're backing it with our
exclusive 90-day trail. If for any reason you are not satisfied with Master Moves,
simply return it within 90 days for the purchase price.



1- Eliminate Belly Fat

You have a beautiful body. You just need the right
exercises to fuel up your metabolism to burn off the fat
that is hiding it from the world. Y
our body needs more lean
muscle mass to burn more calories and shape your muscle.

By developing lean core muscles it will help you to reduce the risk
of back injuries, eliminate unwanted belly fat, tone your
body,shape your organs, and develop youthful vitality.

Master Moves will tone your body with similar movements to
those found while you are dancing or playing sports - skiing,
skating, surfing, rollerblaiding, playing tennis or golf.

2- Improve
Health and Fitness

Stop complicating your life with
endless crunches and tiring
workouts. Start using hip rotations
and natural moves to regain
strength, flexibility and muscle mass.

Practicing Core Training will improve
blood circulation and ensures the
lymph system flows properly.

Clearing toxins from your body will
help you maintain health and vitality
from the "inside out."

4- Be More Productive

Low productivity is directly related
to unhealthy lifestyles. People with
back problems cost 76 percent more
on average than people without back
problems each year.

Our Core Training programs are
designed to improve productivity by
promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing
stress, improving wellness, and
increasing your energy to perform
better your daily activities.

3- Strengthen Your Muscles & Bones

The Power Disk and the Focus Bar are highly durable product made from recycled wood that
will last your life time when are properly maintained. You will be able to save time and money
while exercising from home, office or hotel - anytime and anywhere!

The practice of Master Moves requires only your body, instructional videos and three portable
training tool.
You will be able to exercise from home for many years. You no longer need to
spend more money on fitness equipment.

At Master Moves we pride ourselves on our durable, safe products so, although the maximum
user weight recommended is 350 pounds (160 kilos), the Power Disk is load tested to 500
pounds (227 kilos) to ensure it will last over ten years of normal usage conditions.

Core Training Mastermoves

5- Prevent Obesity & Diseases

Sedentary lifestyles increase all causes of mortality, double the
risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity, and increase
the risks of colon cancer.

Excess weight harms health in many ways. It increases the risk of
developing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease,
osteoarthritis, and some cancers, to name just a few. Core training
will make you leaner and will facilitate optimal breathing, vitality,
health, and fitness.

Treating obesity and obesity-related conditions costs billions of
dollars a year. In 2005, the U.S. alone spent over $190 billion on
obesity-related health care expenses.

6- Gain Physical and Mental Strength

Try it and experience it for yourself with complete confidence. People of any weight can begin
with the Body Toning program and gradually practice all the Master Moves programs. For
people in good shape, Body Endurance and Core Strength are the ideal programs.

Anyone can practice Master Moves. Senior people can practice Body Conditioning anytime.
Children can do most of the exercises, especially Body Flexibility and Body Coordination.

Rather than having to drive to the gym and then wait for machines, you can practice Master
Moves in the comfort of your living room for a fraction of the time.

7- Raise Your Metabolism and Vitality

Every year of life after 30, most people age prematurely, losing 1/2 a pound of muscle and 1%
of bone density. Master Moves is designed to help you gain lean muscle, stronger bones, and
less fat. Your youth is defined by your core strength.

Instead of feeling tired and drained after a gym workout, your 15 minute Master Moves
practices will leave you refreshed and charged with energy.


Master Moves combines the best Core Training exercises in a simple routine that you can practice any time and anywhere. You will be introduced to gentle exercises designed to strengthen core muscles, increase flexibility, and balance - which will keep your back in perfect alignment and posture during your daily activities.

To live an active life and prevent back injuries, aches and pains,
we have to build strong core muscles from the inside out (vital
organs). Core muscles are responsible for supporting the back,
spine and shoulders in good posture.


By Dr. Fedor Zelina, DC, ND.
While there are numerous factors why someone might experience back pain, weak core muscles will definitely increase your risk of getting a sore back. The key role of the core muscles is to support the upper body and the lower back, primarily to prevent injury to the spinal column.
If you want strong core muscles to make you stronger, to gain better posture and to experience more self-confidence, Master Moves can show you how to get leaner and stronger from the inside out.



Exercising regularly and making smart food choices, is not easy
when we live a busy life. We may go to the gym for a week and then stop. We might be committed to live a health life for a few days, but start procrastinating when we are not prepared to weather the emotional storms that life throws our way.

To prevent this from happening we have to build a foundation for self-improvement. Just like we must create a level foundation before building a house, we must develop core muscles before taking on larger goals.

Within a few weeks of Core Training, you too can feel like a new person! We have witnessed amazing personal transformations. We have had the opportunity to meet some of these people, to talk to them, and learn from them. We have discovered that they did not just change how they looked, they changed how they feel, how they think and how they act in every situation.

Think of yourself as the master of your life. An owner, not a
victim. Accept responsibility for who you are and the choices you make. Hold yourself accountable. Practicing Core Training will empower you, foster success, and heighten self-esteem, all of which lead to happiness.

and create the life you love!

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