Much of the daily stress and lethargy that we experience arises from neglecting to stimulate our muscles and body fluids. The training with Mastermoves relaxes your body, banishes stress and tension, tones your muscles, and stimulates gently the circulation of your body fluids. Some of these techniques using the Master Massager include the following:


Begin your day gently massaging your arms. Use steady and long strokes. Feel the energy moving from the tip of your fingers down to your shoulders.


Massage the sides of your neck
and the back of your head. Begin with short strokes and then continue with long strokes.




Turn onto your right side and massage your left buttocks and thigh. Then turn onto your left side and massage your right buttocks and thigh.


Sit comfortably at the edge of your bed to massage your feet. Start with the sole, then move to the sides and toes and finish with the top of your foot.


Massage the sides of your abdomen
with moderate pressure and long, steady strokes. This will stimulate your internal organs and keep your skin firm and toned.


Massage the lower sides of your back. This should relax any tension in your spinal column. It also tones the flesh in this area, helping to reduce fatty tissue.

Massaging your body is relaxing, energizing and harmonizing. It also stimulates organs, glands and nerves in your body to function more effectively. When you breathe properly and relax your body, your mind will serve you better. Use the Master Massager at home, at the office, when you travel, or during any break.

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