You have successfully completed The Core Challenge. You are an example of commitment, discipline, courage and integrity. Continue given the world the best you have, and the best will come to you. Succeeding with The Core Challenge is about being the best you can be one day at a time.

If you have done the exercises on a daily basis, there is no doubt you will have developed a powerful intuition in the process of manifesting your goal for the challenge. There is no doubt you feel younger, stronger and more confident than ever before. You are ready for greatness!

The key now is to keep it up! Remember, happiness can be achieved by the daily cultivation of your talents and your intuitive power. You can discover your natural talents by letting your intuition become your partner in achieving success in any are of your life.

Congratulations to a real winner!

Oswaldo Koch
Creator of Master Moves

You Are A Winner!

When you look like a winner in every respect, when you have the kind of external image that others admire, you build your charisma. When you develop your character by setting high standards and then disciplining yourself to live consistent with the highest principles you know, you become a winner, the kind of person who is admired and respected everywhere.

  • A winner is a person who cultivates his or her talents, day by day, doing the very best.
  • A winner is a person who has learned to use relaxation, imagination and creativity.
  • A winner is a person who has clear goals and a defined purpose in life.
  • A winner is a person who plans seeds in the mental reality and reaps harvests in the physical reality.
  • A winner is a person that has the passion and persistence to make dreams a happy reality. You are a winner!


    • If you are willing to win The Core Challenge, you must complete your manual "My Success Log". Please follow the instructions from page 10 of your manual My Success Log.
    • We must receive all the Appendixes from your manual within 10 days of the end date of your 100-Day Core Challenge. This information is confidential and will be returned to you after the evaluation process.
    • All participants must complete the Coins for Kindness Campaign according to the instructions from Appendix E from My Success Log.

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Live a Fit and Prosperous Life!

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