Healthy Lunch Ideas

You need to eat lunch. But sometimes, the prospect of coming up with creative, healthy ideas for homemade lunches is far less appealing than taking the easy way out and grabbing something quick around the corner—often at the expense of your wallet and your waistline. Instead of struggling, try some of these healthy lunch ideas to refresh your meals. Many of them can be made for dinner and the leftovers saved for lunch. Here are some:

  • Green tea and a sandwich— Make the sandwich of your choice (ham and cheese, tuna fish, turkey, etc.), and bring green tea bags with you. You just need hot water for making your tea and enjoy your sandwich. This makes for a nice, light lunch that fills you up without robbing you of energy.
  • Peanut butter and banana sandwich—Try a peanut butter and banana sandwich on wheat bread. This is a very health combination. It’s also a very healthy and filling lunch. This only takes few minutes to prepare.
  • Leftovers—Leftovers are the most affordable and convenient lunch option. Most of us have leftovers whenever we cook dinner at home.
  • Salads—You have all different types of salads you can prepare or purchase. You can make an all veggie salad, or you can add in some grilled chicken to make it a little more of a complete meal. Just be careful with the dressings.

Important: Wrap each pita sandwich in plastic wrap and place it in a plastic container to take it with you to work or picnic.

Enjoy the natural flavour!

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