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Look inside any health related magazine and you will see page-after-page of, or maybe I should say, empty-promise-after-empty-promise, of "AMAZING" weight loss and "TOTAL" body transformation offers.

They tell you to do this program, take this pill, drink this shake and eat this bar and "you too will get a body like this". Well, as you already know, it's simply not that easy. Why?

Because you are not the same as your neighbor that told you about the diet or the guy at the office that lost 20 pounds in one month. YOU must find what works for you, your body, your lifestyle and your abilities.

Which Mistakes Are You Making?

1. Joining a Gym - In North America, people spend an estimated $50 billion dollars a year on fitness equipment and health club memberships, yet the number of overweight people continues to rise. Why?

Because not every program is right for every body. You must know how to choose the right plan that will work for you and your lifestyle. To see results, you must commit to a balanced exercise plan that is consistent and right for you and your goals.

2. Taking a Diet - Too many times we think of weight loss as "dieting". We are quick to buy the next gizmo, pill or patch and we insist on dieting our way to our goals...then what? We quit and all the weight comes back on, and then some. Now we're left defeated, depressed and discouraged.

Diet fads are always gimmicks. They exist to sell products and make money. To see results, you must change your lifestyle and get away from the diet mentality! Keep it simple and eat everything in moderation. Ideally, 70% of your food should be natural and raw.

3. Facing Challenges - Most of us think that as long as we hit the gym and eat right everything will fall into place. It's not that easy. We often pull out our "victim card" when faced with challenges..."I'm too old"..."my family is taking too much of my time"..."this is too hard"..."I can't do this physically".

You need to address emotional issues, of the past, present and future. When on any new journey there will be tough times. You need to be well equipped to face those challenges head on and not buckle down in moments of weakness.

4. Setting your Goals - We assume others who succeed are lucky or are born that way and we just aren't meant to lose weight. You need to have a vision...not just goals, but real idea of what it is you want to obtain and do if you reach your goals. This starts with your own thoughts and self-talk.

You need to have a firm grasp on what it is that YOU want to achieve and what that means for YOUR future. A solid program will help you put this perspective and take you step by step through the mental process as well as physical.

Now that you have it in perspective you need to find a plan that addressed these critical elements and really allows you to grasp the healthy lifestyle concept, rather than just weight loss. Losing weight and becoming strong, healthy and fit is NOT nearly as difficult as you may think if you understand the concept of Core Training.

What is Core Training?

Simply put, you don't build the walls and the roof of your house before the foundation.
Likewise, you don't build your legs, shoulders and arms before your core muscles. The body's source of strength is the core muscle, much like the foundation of a house.
The core is defined as the innermost part - the center of an object. Likewise, the core in the human body is the midsections of the body known as core muscles. Core muscles are the base of stability from which movement occurs. According to the book "Core Training" by Oswaldo Koch, the core muscles are the transverse abdominis (3,4,and 5th muscle, posterior torso), the Perineil muscle floor (lower torso), and the Gluteal muscle complex (minimus, medius and maximus, anterior torso).

Why Core Training?

Simply put, "core muscles are a girdle for the torso." They are also the spines primary stabilizer. This combination of muscles provides stability and support of your spine in every activity. When your exercise or tone your body, you want to build a strong body from the inside out. Build a foundation (your body's core) before you build definition in isolated muscles.

Since 2000, core training is the focus in the fitness industry. The 90's fitness world was high-impact, step aerobics and cardio mania based on military training. Before core training, fitness was all about workouts based on aerobics and weight training. Now focus is on low impact core training such as Pilates and Mastermoves.

What Are The Benefits Of Core Training?

One of the most important benefits from core training is injury prevention from daily activities and sports, as well as stronger foundations for the practice of sports and body building. Fitness experts learned from the past that burning off the fat with little concern for the joins, small muscles and ligaments is one of the main reasons for back and neck injuries.
When you don't have core strength, the risk for injuries is high. When standing unsupported, you are limited by your body's weakest link. This weak link is the strength of your core muscles to stabilize your whole body and not be pulled off balance.

In the process of training your core muscles with programs like Mastermoves, your body goes through a sequence of movements from the inside out. Basically, you learn to exercise your body from your core. At the core, the rest of your body's natural links (the pelvic and shoulder girdles) transfer the movements and forces to the extremities, allowing you to move with efficiency and safety.

What Is The Ideal Training For You?

It's hard to tell the difference between who's trying to make a quick buck with inflated claims and fabricated testimonials and the legitimate life-changing programs.

And even if you do find a program that works, how will you know if it's right for you and your body type? That's right - not every program is right for every body. You must know how to choose the right plan that will work for you and your lifestyle.
But I have some good news for you...
There is a way to know the difference between what's finally going to help you achieve the body you desire - and what might drive you to once again, throw in the towel on your weight loss battle.

First, you need to start by asking yourself the following four questions:

  1. What Should I Eat To Stay Healthy?
    Educate yourself on healthy eating (not dieting) and find an eating plan that you can enjoy and that is balanced. It may take some trial and error but you can find healthy foods that you enjoy and once you learn how to portion control and not feel deprived it becomes your lifestyle and NOT A DIET!

  2. What Type of Exercise Are Important?
    A winning exercise plan will ALWAYS include: cardiovascular exercise, resistance training and flexibility training. Let me start by first defining these three types of exercise:

    Aerobic exercise is any physical activity done for an extended period of time that forces your cardiovascular system (heart, lunges and blood vessels) to increase the amount of oxygen and blood circulating through your body so you're benefiting even when you are at rest.

    Resistance exercise is anaerobic exercise. Or, exercise done in short, intense bursts that works your body without requiring much oxygen. Basically, you are working the muscle against some form of resistance in order to break it down and rebuild it stronger and leaner.

    Flexibility exercise is required to increase or maintain an adequate range of motion in the body's many joints (shoulders, back of the legs (hamstrings), hips, back and spine, etc.) so as to better perform tasks of daily life, including recreational activities, with comfort and safety.
    Any exercise program you choose should contain all of these types of exercise.

  3. What is The KEY to Any Successful Program?
    Instead of thinking of individual muscles, think of body movements initiated from your core muscles when doing any type of exercise hold your abs and lower back firm to give your entire body support and stability. This technique allows the smaller joints to absorb less stress, allowing the body to work holistically in mass movement patterns and all ranges of motion.

    By increasing your cardiovascular fitness level, you are increasing the rate in which your body burns calories. Examples of cardiovascular exercise are walking, jogging, running, biking, stair-climbing, dancing and swimming.

    Resistance training can be performed using hand weights, machines, body weight, weighted balls and bars, rubber tubing or resist-a-bands.

    No mystery here, you need to stay flexible in order to perform better during cardiovascular and resistance training sessions and prevent injury. It is a highly overlooked part of most fitness programs but incredibly important in the big picture.

Four Core Training Programs

There are many products (especially on late night infomercials) that claim, "if you do this machine for 15 minutes a day you too can lose all the weight you want". We all know deep down that this is simply not true.

Weight loss and body toning take effort and just like diet, it takes balance. No one exercise will give you everything you need to maintain good health but Core Training. Initially try the Mastermoves Body Conditioning program and after few weeks change Core Flexibility and then Core Endurance.

Mastermoves has 8 fitness programs. Keep your fitness routine fresh by combining these program and find something you enjoy doing consistently...that is the KEY to any successful program.

Based on your fitness level, the goal of our fitness programs is to work the area that supports your trunk and spine. By creating a firm, lean and strong core muscles, you will stabilize the spine so it acts like a solid foundation for sustaining a good body posture and outanding fitness level.

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