Relaxation Techniques
Learn to relax quickly and deeply!

Let me warn you. If you're expecting complex formulas, you are in for a surprise. The Power of Relaxation methods are extremely simple, but with daily practice, they make people healthy, rich and happy...Quickly!

"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves"
Thomas Edison

My name is Oswaldo Koch. I'm the creator of 12 home learning programs in the area of fitness, business and personal success. Over the last 25 years, I have studied the most 120 successful people, specially Piccasso, Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci...My Story. My most recent release is a powerful new program call "The Power of Relaxation" and I'd like to share it with you as a gift. I call it a "gift" because it's the source of my health, fitness, success and happiness. It has transformed my life, and the lives of thousand of others. Let me suggest you take a few minutes right now to relax and read every word of this invaluable program. I assure you it will be worth your time.


Relaxation Techniques: Discover Your Genius

You can learn to think like history's best minds. You are about to discover one of the secrets that these famous, powerful and wealthy individuals used to create their fame and fortune, but I must warn you it is not anything you've ever heard talked of before. Let me explain some of the fundamental concepts:

First, you have to understand that we live in a world of cause and effect. All manifestation, everything we see, touch, feel, taste, or hear is an effect. What we see comes from that which we do not see. It's the invisible that creates the visible. relaxation and prosperityIt's the invisible the cause of all manifestations in our lives. And depending how we deal with the invisible things, we are able to create prosperity and happiness...pain and misery.

, you have far more power to create and influence you life than you may be aware of. In fact, you are creating your life this very moment by the thoughts you are choosing to entertain. Your thoughts are the main forces in creating your life and determining your success or failure.

, you can attend hundreds of seminars and read many dozens of books about success and the sad outcome is t
The power of relaxationhat you won't be successful until you master the practice of success. Success is not a result but a process - it is the direct manifestation of how you think and act, all the time. In short, success is the journey, not the destination.

Forth, relaxation and INACTION is the starting point for success. How about if I tell you that INACTION may be the secret you're missing. Through INACTION you can relax your body, master your mind and discover your genius.

By following this secret, Edison used to relax on a rocking-chair and enhance his imagination and creativity. And, many others, like Leonardo da Vinci and Plato, learned to use relaxation to harness the power of their minds. But, let me be very clear, I'm not talking about slothful inaction, I'm talking about focused relaxation; that's what The Power of Relaxation is all about.

Because my success has been so incredibly rewarding, I am offering all the details of The Power of Relaxation at a price so low that everyone thinks I'm crazy. What's the reason for this?


"Let us have faith that right makes might."
-- Abraham Lincoln

We live in a holistic world. Everything we do affects the entire world. While it may not often seem so, our actions and attitudes have impact on the rest of the planet. We are all connected physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. And when we act with integrity then it becomes possible to use this physical, mental, spiritual and emotional energy to achieve great success and benefit wider humanity at the same time.

"The Power of Relaxation will change your life no matter who you are...or what you are doing!"
N.Minwalla, B.A., M.Phil.(Oxon)

Let me assure you, The Power of Relaxation is the fastest most powerful method for discovering your genius and move in favor of success. The Power of Relaxation is not about knowledge in and of itself, it's about practice. By following the 100-day step-by-step program, you will learn and practice natural techniques that will enhance your creativity and productivity.

The Power of Relaxation is the practice of success and happiness. In this Life Changing program you will learn to develop the mindset for success. You will train your mind in the same way an athlete trains his or her body.

I am living, breathing proof that this route to success is effective. I'm the creator of many successful mind and body fitness programs and this picture shows the perfect shape that I developed in 3 months of easy daily training - No gyms, no machines...

Now, Imagine your perfect world. A world where you could wake up each Monday morning and look forward to doing exactly what you like the most. Imagine a world where you could help your family, friend and many people by doing exactly what you wanted to do when you wanted to.

You will learn to be successful in four areas of your life:
The physical world (How to look good and how to create prosperity.)

The mental world (How to develop creativity and mental skills.)

The spiritual world ( How to develop harmony and integrity.)

The emotional world (How to master your moods and control of your life.)

The key to be successful is to pay equal attention to your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional world. And this program will teach your how to do it.


Purchase The Power of Relaxation
Read it, use it and enjoy it for 90 days
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Read and practice the Power of Relaxation, and in the next 100 days you will learn to move in favor of prosperity. In the next 100 days, you will develop new habits but most important, you will eliminate the mental and physical limitations that are preventing you from successfully pursuing your goals.

"Thanks for this wonderful program. I've enjoyed going through the reading and training day by day. It demonstrates the importance of discipline and how important it really is to be conscious of your thinking if we want to live a successful life."
S. Smithers

Imagine the benefits of taking this 100-day journey toward personal success.

Relax, look inside you! Success is not mysterious. It all starts with you looking inward to see what your potential might be, and then carefully developing the skills and opportunities to expand this potential.

Success begins by relaxing your mind and body, and the ability to use most of your mind and body power.


So. How much is this information worth to you? To me it has been priceless. It has taken 25 years of studying, investigating, practicing and failing (many times), until I could effectively discover and realize my own higher intelligence and potential. I become a business and personal coach, and developed a world-class fitness system called Mastermoves

What the leaders say:

With over 30 years experience as a health and fitness educator and transformation coach, I have had the opportunity to utilize many different fitness programs for both myself and clients. Without a doubt, the Power of Relaxation and Mastermoves have no counterpart in the field of mental and physical fitness today!
Dotti Berry
BA and M.Ed.in Health and Fitness
President, IMPACT Communications

This isn the best way to improve relaxation, flexibility, posture and coordination, and complements any lifestyle. With discipline and determination, Mastermoves his is all that you need.
Jaimi Beuthin
B. A. Fitness Trainer

"Impressive! In my 25 years of practicing and teaching martial arts, I've never seen such an easy, complete, and effective mind/body training system."
Jon Funk, Kung fu Master,
President, Mantis Enterprises

In my sixty-one years I have tried many exercise programs, with varying degrees of success. Mastermoves is without doubt the easiest to follow and the most effective program I have experienced.
Anne Kramer
CEO Current Technology Corporation


What price can you put on your health, fitness and prosperity?

Look upon The Power of Relaxation as an investment in your future success. Hosnetly, I can give you this product for FREE but that would not ensure your success. That would be a waste of your time, my time and my money. But if you invest you money, time and effort to improve your mental skill, you are puting a great intention and the universe will give you the chances you decerve.

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.

Give yourself this small opportunity to learn big and be successful. The “Power of Relaxation” gives you all the tools your need - a step-by-step 100 days program to help you learn and practice what it takes to achieve success.

Made of solid wood, this massager helps you eliminate the stress and tension in your body, tones your muscles and gently stimulates the circulation of your body fluids.

Set Includes:

- Master Massager

- Body Massage Techniques Video-Tape

- Power of Relaxation Audio CD

- Instructions

- Access to our Private Members website.

- $39.95



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Contrary to what many people believe, abs exercises and workouts do not need to be done in the gym. Your abs don't need to be tormented through endless sit-ups, painful crunches or hi-tech apparatuses. The main focus of Core Training System® is proper nutrition and natural circular moves - just a few minutes a day. You will develop a lean and strong core by performing simple yet extremely effective exercises with the Mastermoves tools.



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What type of abs exercises includes:

To successfully train your abdominal muscles, you need a wide variety of circular exercises that target the muscles from many different angles. The tools below are designed to accomplish that. The exercises performed are low-intensive but stimulate the core muscles to work harder while maintaining proper balance and body posture.

Relaxation Techniques

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