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BETTER THAN EVER! The Power Disk is larger and more durable than previous models.

New Model
Old Model
Top Diameter
12 inches
11 inches
Base Diameter
11 inches
9 inches
Total Weight
6 pounds (2.8 kilos)
5 pounds (2.3 kilos)
Load Tested
500 pounds (227 kilos)
300 pounds
Solid Maple wood
Synthetic wood composition
Made In
Produced since July 2016
Discontinued in July 2016

What People Say About Mastermoves

  • Since June 2013, I have lost 53 pounds due to the combination of Master Moves and eating clean and healthy.
    Now my back no longer hurts. I am a 52 year old male and now find myself with some definition of upper abs that I
    haven't seen in 30 years!!! This is great. Dennis Bottero

  • I'd like to mention I have not done the full program but just a month of good moves and my back pain has gone
    down a great deal. I don't wake up in pain anymore. But now I would like to get back to it and do your
    recommended exercise schedule. Thank you for your help. Leslie Lazaroff

  • I have your wonderful equipment and love using it. I was wondering though which exercises would help
    to get rid of jiggly, 'old lady' arms? I'm serious...this is a major problem for women. Thanks...Gail

  • You are true to your word. I received the ‘deluxe’ version of the Focus Bar and it is wonderful. Clearly a more
    superior quality of wood for which I am very grateful in receiving. Thank you for your excellent customer
    satisfaction. Helen Greenwood

  • I wish to thank you, Oswaldo, as well as your entire team, for Master Moves which work wonders for me. The
    Power Disk has not only enabled me to develop ab definition that I had never known, but it has also helped to hone
    my balance. Most exercise programs that I've tried out throughout my life to strengthen my core have been
    successful to build abs in 2 dimensions - height and width; but the rotating disk offers the only exercise that I've
    ever known that builds a third dimension - depth. After only a month, my six-pack is n-o-t emerging f-l-a-t, it
    stands out from the surface w-i-t-h r-e-l-i-e-f. Bruno Karsenti

  • Thank you for your prompt delivery of my new Mastermoves equipment. A bit about me. 12 years ago at the age of
    43, I was in a car accident. After the accident I could not walk properly and was in excruciating pain from the neck
    to the sacrum. the doctors kept saying it was soft tissue injuries and kept sending me to massage therapy and
    work strengthening which only made things worse.

    My problem has been trying to stay fit for all these years. I do have weight lifting restrictions and can not stress
    the shoulder and neck area as I can not put pressure on the neck as I do not want to do anything to cause the
    myelomalacia to increase in size. I have only been following your conditioning and morning routines for a few days
    now. I am finding I do feel like I have had a work out and I actually feel good afterwards. I have to make
    modifications to a couple of the exercises but they are minor modifications and I will still get some benefit from
    doing them as I do. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to try this no impact, functional looking program of
    yours. Carole Nielsen

  • Thank you very much, excellent product and incredible personal service. I have already recommended two people
    to you. Have a healthy and prosperous New Year! Steve and Cindy West

  • I started exercising December 18, 2011. I work out twice a day. I absolutely look forward to my exercise time.
    I have taken only two days off since the start. I am very happy with the results. I am dealing with a back injury of
    over 25 years. My body has never felt stronger since my working with the Power Disk and Focus Bar. Once again
    thank you for the best work out I have ever used. Sincerely, Clayten Adkens

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