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Mastermoves is a Core Training system, focusing on strength and tone in the abdominal, obliques and lower back.
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How to start your Core Training program?

All too often, we start off a fitness, diet, and lifestyle change routine in a big way, and then quickly burnout, overwhelmed by all the change. Fitness and Health does NOT have to be an “all or nothing” proposition. Why start exercising and eating right and stopping drinking all at the same time? For those of us who have been inactive and careless about our eating habits over a long period of time, what makes us think that we will be able to completely change the routine of our lives and maintain that for any length of time?

Instead of starting out in a big way, and then burning out, we suggest that you implement the 28-Day detoxification program and do small changes over the course of three months. Commit to only increasing your water intake the first week. Then add another small change, like cutting back on late-night snacks. The next week, you may decide to stop drinking or smoking, and after that you can begin to cut out fatty meats, or reduce caffeine intake, etc. If you do this, you will be much more likely to follow through, maintain your good habits, and will feel less deprived and punished.

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Master Moves - Core Training System
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