Step 1 - Setting Your Fitness Goals

The first step towards creating your NEW BODY is to set your fitness goals. Successful people are intensely goal-oriented; they have the ability to identify what they want, make a plan to attain it and use the best tools, resources and strategies to achieve it.

When most people set goals, they want and expect instant results. When this doesn't happen, these people become insecure and stop pursuing their goals; this is also what happens to people who embark on unrealistic fitness programs.

Setting goals is not just about making a list of the things that you want or wish to happen. A goal is a very specific aspiration or ambition that emerges from your desires, beliefs and values.

The process of setting goals begins by determining your desires, beliefs and values. For example, if you are setting fitness goals you have to ask yourself: What is the purpose of achieving them? Do you want to be a professional dancer; do you want to win a sport championship, do you want to win a fitness challenge? Then, ask yourself: Do I believe in my fitness potential? Are you willing to exercise everyday? Are you willing to eat healthy food? Next: How much do I value fitness? How important is fitness for you? What are your priorities in life? Finally, make sure that each of your fitness goals is in alignment with your fitness purpose.

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Live a Fit and Prosperous Life!

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