Step 5 - Planning For Healthy Eating

After detoxifying your body, the next step towards creating your NEW BODY is to plan ways to keep your body clean and healthy. If you want to achieve optimal fitness, then you must start a healthy eating plan now!

How many times a week do you eat french fries or grab a burger at lunch? What about cookies, chocolate, packaged meals, sodas, coffee and chips? Junk food may make your life convenient but, as we discussed in the previous section, it depletes your energy levels and gradually destroys your internal organs. Your fitness success is mainly the result of hydrating and nourishing your body with purpose.

This will insure you maintain optimal energy levels to perform your daily activities efficiently.
You must take serious steps to eliminate junk food from your diet. No matter how much exercise you do, you can never fully compensate for poor eating habits.

In this section you will learn the following:

  • The Process of Nourishing Your Body
  • Essential Nutrients
  • Healthy Hydration & Eating Rules
  • Healthy Food Guide
  • How to Plan Your Meals

For more information read the manual My Success Guide

Live a Fit and Prosperous Life!

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