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The Greatest Challenge
The New Year's Resolution

By Jennifer Singer,
BA, BCRPA, CanFit Pro

You may or may not have one, but for many weight loss and getting into shape are in the top three New Year's resolutions. The following tips are some guidelines to help you along on your road to success and it all begins in your mind.

Adjust Your Attitude
If you have the wrong attitude about fitness, you're already setting yourself up for failure. Most people look at exercise as many things, but what it is - fun, enjoyable, and rewarding. Before you throw yourself into weight loss, suss out your attitudes about exercise and figure out whether these attitudes are true or just lies you've been telling yourself for years. Then, try a different perspective and look at exercise as:

  • A break from a stressful workday
  • A way to boost energy and mood
  • The only time you'll have to yourself all day
  • A chance to get totally physical and let your mind rest
  • A chance to reward your body for working so hard
  • A way to improve your quality of life immediately

And here are some more key points about exercise that you must understand:

Willpower won't work. Willpower is for short-term success. Long-term success requires planning, discipline and finding ways to motivate yourself every day.
Motivation will not magically happen. The things that will motivate you will change from day to day. You have to recommit to your goals each day, tweak them to fit changes in your lifestyle and attitude and find new ways to motivate yourself over the course of your life.

You will not always want to exercise and eat healthy. Even the most committed exerciser doesn't always want to do it. Know that you will have to work on it every day. Diets don't work. Stop wasting your time following someone else's plan for you. Make your own plan based on realistic changes--if you can't follow your chosen diet for the rest of your life, you're wasting precious time. Enjoy foods full of fibre, low in fat and full of flavour. Food does not have to be boring.

Make a Plan - Your best chance at making your resolutions last is to have a plan for success. A few simple steps taken ahead of time can save you time and energy and even money.
You've figured out how to change your bad eating habits by replacing them with good ones and you've learned to create an environment that doesn't allow those bad habits to exist. Now, you need to make a plan for what you really want.

Set Your Goals - Write down specific goals you have (not just 'I want to lose weight.'). List everything, for example:

How much weight you want to lose. Make sure the amount of weight you want to lose is reasonable for your height and frame. A target date to reach your goals. Make sure you've given yourself a reasonable time to reach that goal - (a safe bet would be to lose a pound a week)

  • Why you want to lose this weight (i.e., I want to look good in a bathing suit for summer)
  • What you think will happen if you reach your goal
  • How you'll maintain your weight loss once you reach your goal (remember, it's a lifetime thing--even when you reach your goal, you can't quit!)

Believe in yourself, as you are your number one fan! All the best in achieving your goals!
Yours in health and sincere happiness,

Jennifer Singer, BA, BCRPA, CanFit Pro
Fitness Trainer and Wellness Consultant

Easy to Follow
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Different from strength training, Core Training emphasizes conditioning the back and abdomen muscles, improving spine stability, and developing good posture.

Core Training has become one of the most popular ways to exercise and get back in shape.

By strengthening your core you will have a leaner, stronger and more flexible body. These carefully designed easy-to-follow programs will show you how, with a little effort and determination you can achieve your aims.

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