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The Flow of Love!
It warms our heart and brightens our day.

By Bobby J. O'Neal
Creator of Syncrohearts Relationship Game

What is love? How do you feel when you are in love? It can make us feel happy, excited, optimistic, and joyful. It is the ultimate feel good drug and we all need our daily fix of love. The source is unlimited and we are all capable to give and receive as much love as we please.

The flow of love is very important in our world and it is our responsibility to make sure that it flows freely for everyone to enjoy. The benefits of love are endless. It is good for our body, mind and soul. When we are full of love, our bodies are healthier, our immune systems are stronger, our stress levels are lower, our minds are calmer and our souls are nourished. Love is the true fountain of youth.

Have you ever noticed that glow around someone in love? If love is so good for us, then why are we not all basking in the warm rays of love? Perhaps the flow of love is stuck somewhere? Water flows freely in a straight hose, but when there is a kink in the hose, the water just trickles through. Has love ever just trickled through in your life? Maybe it is time to get some of the kinks out.

The flow of love is governed by a few simple rules. Love must flow out before it can flow in. Our hearts provide the power to pump the flow out. Our thoughts, words and actions channel the flow to those in need. There is no need for the flow of love to be turned off because there are many people in need. We all deserve more love and when we let the flow of love out, it will come flooding back in. Unfortunately, sometimes we unconsciously block the flow of love in and this can cause our hearts to ache and or even break.

Have you ever had your heart broken? The only solution to fix a broken heart is to mend it with more love. Send it out and then open your heart to receive it. As the love starts to flow, it warms our heart and brightens our day. It radiates light to those in our shadow. We smile more; we are kinder, gentler and more caring.

The halo around us is like a beacon that signals to others that our flow of love is "turned on". We attract others who are "turned on" and we give hope to those that are still getting their kinks out. The moral of this love story, is that when you are feeling a little kinky, try to straighten out your life with more love!  

Bobby J. O'Neal (aka. Dr. Love)
(604) 855-LOVE (5683)
Creator of The Game You Love to Play and Play to Love"

Easy to Follow
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Different from strength training, Core Training emphasizes conditioning the back and abdomen muscles, improving spine stability, and developing good posture.

Core Training has become one of the most popular ways to exercise and get back in shape.

By strengthening your core you will have a leaner, stronger and more flexible body. These carefully designed easy-to-follow programs will show you how, with a little effort and determination you can achieve your aims.

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