Oswaldo Koch - Creator of Mastermoves

October 2008
TV Interview With Oswaldo

Oswaldo Koch is an engineer, fitness trainer, inventor, MBA, IT expert. For 25 years, Oswaldo has focused his entire agenda around fitness programs for helping people create lush lives of health and optimal fitness.

At the age of 53, Oswaldo feels healthier and stronger than ever before. The experience of the accident and painful recovery helped him to understand and incorporate two new and key elements in his Mastermoves practice - relaxation and respect. Since then, Master Moves has evolved into one of the most complete fitness training systems in the world.

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High Achiever

Motivational Speaker, Fitness Trainner & Dance Instructor

Oswaldo Koch is founder and president of OK Initiatives, Inc., a specialized management information systems firm focused on team-development and organizational health. Oswaldo Koch speaks primarily to any organization looking to achieve high productivity. He is an expert in showing organizations how to get more from their employees and information systems.

Drawing upon his training in the Peruvian Naval Academy, enginering school and over twenty years of corporate experience in both high-tech, manufacturing and human resources, His client list includes some of the largest corporations in the private sector, major trade and professional associations, small business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. His presentations are thought provoking. His advice to his audience is practical. He speaks with passion. And his message is clear:

"Most of us live in a society where elevators, escalators, and automobiles have rendered muscles, once firm and strong from running and climbing, weak and flaccid. Our minds have also become dulled from lack of use as we allow computers to do more and more of the work for us. Our bodies weaken from food that is too rich and a physical life that is too soft. Our society, our economy, our lifestyle is geared to the instant and disposable. We have turned into a materialistic society, with no respect for our planet. My intention is to make this presentation the clearest and most inspiring information to help you address most of these challenges".

As well as keynoting, Oswaldo offers in-house management development programs and facilitates team building and planning sessions. Since 2001 he has been introducing "cutting edge" skills and concepts around:

- Overcoming obstacles
- Transforming people into leaders
- Fostering superior team performance
- Achieving optimal fitness

Keynote Titles:

- Winning At News Teams (Team Building)
- Becoming A Master Leader (Leadership)
- Vision Boards (Creativity)
- Becoming A Master Manager (Management)
- The Science of Persuasion (Communication)
- Internet Marketing (Business)
- Wining At New Products (Strategies)


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