Body Toning

"It's never too late to become what you might have been."
~ George Eliot

Every day, you can give your body an amazing work out, to create a slimmer, healthier more toned you with Mastermoves. If you are looking for a way to have well toned plus more muscle mass in your body which will help to strengthen your bones and make you more flexible then our Body Toning program may be the answer to help shape your body.


Body Toning exercises are effective in getting rid of extra mass of fat from your body. Body Toning exercises help in burning the extra fat and reveal the fitter and ravishing you. In 3 steps, Body Toning gives you the solution to make yourself an eye-catching, toned up physique from your core:

Step1. Stay hydrated and eat regularly
To get a lean, toned body it’s important to maintain a daily routine of drinking two to three liters of water and eating five to six small meals.

Step2. Increase your high intensity training
If you’re serious about toning up you also need to increase your high intensity training, as ‘Body Toning’ (training in short bursts at a higher speed) increases the number of calories burned both during and after exercise, because it raises the metabolic rate for longer.
- Watch the video clip at the end of this page.

Step3. Consume quality lean protein in each meal
Getting enough protein is the key. While reducing your calories it’s vital to increase your protein intake or you’ll burn muscle tissue for energy. Extra protein preserves your muscle tissue and helps your body burn fat better.

Important Facts
  • Our Body Toning routine can be a pretty challenging experience if muscles have lain dormant for a while.
  • Our Body Toning routine is the first step to make your 6 pack abs a reality.
  • Our Body toning routine is effective in getting rid of extra mass of fat from your body.
  • Six pack abs is not something that can be achieved overnight but once the effects begin to become noticeable practicing Body Toning, you will feel much better about your appearance and will reap the health benefits that occur from having a well toned, muscular body.
  • Body Toning is about toning by strengthening your muscles and reducing the amount of body fat you carry round. As a result of this daily training, Oswaldo Koch, creator of Mastermoves, develops six pack abs in 3 months.

Introduction to Core Exercises

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