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Doing the right thing pays. Forty year old mom wins fitness challenge and gets cheque for $10,000!
The quest for health and fitness just got a boost…

Vancouver, B.C. - June 20, 2011: Local Vancouver entrepreneur and creator of The Core Challenge, Oswaldo Koch said: " Rising health care costs due to obesity, back pain, and lack of physical fitness can only be addressed at the individual level."

More and more companies are integrating health and wellness programs, and realizing some success, and yet health care costs and costs due to lost productivity continue to rise. (Here are some highlights of the new report entitled Obesity in Canada: Obesity cost the Canadian economy somewhere between $4.6-billion and $7.1-billion a year. Those costs are split pretty evenly between direct health-care costs and indirect costs such as lost productivity of people unable to work either because of disability or because they are unable to find employment due to discrimination.)

Conversely, Chiho Harrison from Chilliwack BC, was presented with a $10,000 cheque last week for achieving optimal fitness in 100 days. Harrison competed in the Core Challenge, a series of physical and mental fitness exercises engaging individuals to maximize their performance in tests of discipline, kindness, respect, strength, and endurance. The foundation of the Core Challenge is Master Moves, a simple and highly effective fitness program for core muscle development that can be practiced anywhere and anytime!
After more than 15,000 people voted online for the 5 finalists in the Core Challenge, the 40 year old dedicated mother was declared the winner with more than 3500 votes!
Judges of the finalists considered a number of factors including before & after pictures, success stories, dedication to Fitness Best Practices, discipline - for following the program for 100 days, and for giving back/paying it forward to the community through The Coins for Kindness Campaign.

The government certainly has billions of reasons to take a more proactive stance on health care and prevention but can real change come from there? It's doubtful. They are still stuck working with a system where the bulk of the dollars goes to a beat up health care system and band aid solutions - drugs, surgeries etc. rather than the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Oswaldo Koch said: "Chiho is a deserving winner. Chiho has built up an excellent fitness level and in the process has inspired hundreds of people to learn the practice of taking responsibility for their health AND investing in their wellbeing simply by combining exercise (the Mastermoves Core Training System) with a healthy practical nutritional program that anyone and everyone regardless of age can follow successfully!

Koch is a success story himself, having appeared on the hit Canadian TV show, Dragons Den, and the Shopping Channel over 40 times with his revolutionary core fitness system. Master Moves and the Core Challenge, are Koch's answer to spiraling health care costs. True fitness and wellness must start at the core and Master Moves is a system that individuals and corporations can very simply and cost effectively adopt to improve their core strength and flexibility which leads to people being more active, energetic and productive!

All contestants in the Core Challenge receive a one year membership to an online Personal Coaching Program, the book 100 Best Practices of Highly Successful People, a tracking manual and training tools. The Core Challenge requires a 100 day commitment to learn and adopt 100 Best Health and Fitness Practices. Although there is only one $10,000 winner, the emphasis is on creating as many 'Be The Best You Can Be' winners as possible.

Chiho Harrison
Winner of The Core Challenge 2010

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To learn more details about The Core Challenge, please visit www.thecorechallenge.com

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