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-- Oswaldo Koch

Who is your Trainer?

Oswaldo is an industrial engineer, fitness trainer, inventor, MBA, and IT expert. The author of the book The Core Challenge, Oswaldo has been featured on major TV shows such as the CBC’s Dragon’s Den, the Shopping Channel, Studio 4’s Fanny Kiefer and Urban Rush.

Oswaldo became an expert in core muscle development while healing a painful back injury that
put him at risk of becoming a paraplegic. Oswaldo Koch speaks to any organization looking to achieve
high productivity. Drawing upon three years in the navy and over twenty years of corporate experience in both high-tech, manufacturing and human resources, his client list includes some of the largest corporations, small businesses and nonprofit organizations. His presentations are thought provoking and practical. He speaks with passion, and his message is clear:

We have done all the work!. Core Training combines the best core exercises in a simple routine that you can practice any time and anywhere. Core Training will help you rotate your lower body through a controlled range of motion while keeping your upper body stable. Additionally, the floor exercises will help you keep you back in perfect alignment while exercising your abdominal and shoulder muscles.


OK Initiatives Inc. is a privately held Canadian owned and operated company that has been providing business and wellness solutions to the market place since 1995. Currently, we are the manufacture and distributor of the Mastermoves Core Training program.

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You Can Make a Change... Anytime - Anywhere!

Reducing your waistline and toning your core muscles is important for facilitating your balance and body movements. Your core is responsible for flexing your body forward and sideways, rotating it side-to-side, and spine extension, as well as torso and pelvic stabilization. Working your core with hip rotation makes your body to work much harder than when weight training on gyms and exercise machines.

The main focus Core Training is a proper nutrition and workout plan that can be accomplished in just a few minutes a day. You will develop a lean and strong body core by performing simple yet extremely effective exercises with these portable and highly durable tools.

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