Introduction to Mastermoves - Core Training

Core strength is like the foundation of a house - it is below the surface. To look strong, enjoy vitality and feel good, you must gain core strength, stand straight and keep a good posture - the outer sign of strength, character, health and beauty.

You can lose belly fat and gain muscle mass - regardless of your age or body type. First, practice Core Training 5 minutes a day. After few weeks, increase your Core Training to 10 minutes a day. Finally, after 3 months you'll enjoy 15 minutes of Core Training every day.

Enjoy vitality keeping your belly flat.

Core Training is the key to develop functional fitness - fitness that is essential to both regular activities and the practice of sports - golf, tennis, hockey, soccer and more.

Core training is not just for athletes anymore, it's the key to a beautiful, lean and strong body from head to toe. Core Training corrects postural imbalances and prevents injuries.

Core Training is an essential training for any persons who seeks to improve body posture, endurance and keep their chances of back injury to the minimum.

3 steps to feel younger and stronger.

Stop Slouching - Modern comforts and busy schedules have made too easy to slouch - making you look less attractive. Slouching affects your vitality, causing stress, pain and fatigue.

Stop Back Pain - Without adequate core training, your core muscles get tire too quickly. This lack of strength and endurance affects your body posture, increasing the risk of back injuries - disc degeneration in the spine.

Stop Belly Fat - If you are feeling tired when you get up in the morning - if you need to lose weight and develop vitality, you need to lose belly fat and gain core muscles. This foundation of lean muscles will help you maintain health and energy.

Shape your core muscles from home - anytime.

The practice of Mastermoves requires 15 minutes of Core Training a day. This will help to cleanse your internal organs by stimulating the flow of body fluids and prompting your body to function efficiently.

Hip rotation is functional movement critical for our daily activities and the practice of sports. The natural, circular rotations you experience when you dance or play sports is similar to Mastermoves training - lengthen and strengthen core muscles.

In addition to developing strength, you'll gain flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance which are key to functional movement and good health.

Take your fitness to the next level.

Whatever your goal - muscle up, slim down, burn fat, gain energy - Core Training tailors a program to help you get fit and stay on track with your fitness goals. The biggest benefit of Core Training is to develop functional fitness - that is, fitness that is essential to keep your muscles and posture in good shape for both daily living and regular activities such dancing and sports.

Practice Core Training everyday - anywhere.

"... I lost 11” total and 2 dress sizes!"

Being a Wife, Mother and Running my own business I found working with the Master Moves System, Fun, Easy and most of all portable, oh and did I say FUN, it actually feels like your dancing and I have never got board or felt like it was not challenging enough to feel like an amazing work out.

I found the exercise fun and actually felt the work out within the couple of minutes, and I loved the idea that I could do this in my own home and did not have to go to the gym everyday and do that strenuous work out. Now, I am more focused to actually doing the exercise and my two year old dances along side of me while mommy is exercising and he is getting some exercise as well.

Deborah Gillam

"... the ideal Six-Pack Abs workout for
Men and Women!"

Mastermoves is a balanced training method that compliments any lifestyle. I have found the core training techniques to be very effective and easy to integrate in daily routines. I am more in tune with my body and I have a better understanding of what my body needs. Mastermoves routines and meal plans allow me to maintain a lean, healthy and efficient body. Together with discipline and determination, Mastermoves is all that you need to develop the best condition for your body and mind. The rest is up to you."

-- Jamie Bouthin, Fitness Trainer

"You'll be successful as you plan to be!"

I am so thankful for Oswaldo Koch and Mastermoves, my life has been changed and will never again be the same thanks to them!

I never would have believed it. I would have thought it was just another workout plan I would fail at. But I tried it and it was amazing. Who would have thought that something so basic, simple and fun could have such profound results! Try it and amaze yourself!!!!

-- Cindy Morris

"Enjoy Core Training anytime, anywhere!"

In my 25 years of practicing and teaching martial arts, I've never seen such an easy, complete, and effective training system as Master Moves I can train my core at home playing with my children, at the office during my break or at my martial arts studio.

With Mastermoves, people no longer have excuses for not living life in optimal shape!

-- Jon Funk, Kung fu Master

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Master Moves - Core Training System
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