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In a world where businesses come and go, Master Moves has proven it's here to stay because we follow business best practices. Established in 2000, Master Moves is now the world's most popular Core Training website. Google "Core Training" and see the results.

Unlike other products and services, our affiliate program keeps working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, it has limitless growth potential. Our Affiliate Program allows you to market and promote our Core Training programs to individuals and organizations worldwide. We offer high affiliate commissions, outstanding training including our Core Marketing Strategies manual, and professional support.

As a distributor of Master Moves, you will learn to sell products and services with integrity and sensitivity to your customer needs. We have over 10 years of marketing experience to share with you and guide you as an affiliate.

Reference Guide For Affiliates

Master Moves believes in reaching out to its customers, helping them along the way. Many customers joined our business as part of our affiliate program. Now, through our marketing program and Internet support, affiliates are empowered to share optimal fitness all over the world, while earning a good living.

For a small registration fee, you will have your own customized website, marketing material, marketing training (Core Marketing Strategies) and direct support from us. The annual fee to renew your registration is $100. The annual fee will be waived if you sell at least 60 sets per year (an average of 1 set per week.)


We want to work with people who are truly committed to being successful on and off the Internet. We will only work with affiliates who use our core training system, believe in it, and have the drive and motivation to help others achieve optimal fitness by practicing Master Moves core training.

You can be a full-time or part-time affiliate. No previous experience is required. All we ask is that you practice Master Moves daily, believe in the product and its benefits, and share the benefits of your training according to the Core Marketing Strategies which you will receive with your Master Moves Marketing Kit.

Important: Previous affiliate members will be upgraded to the New Affiliate program based on annual sales performance or by re applying to the Master Moves Affiliate program.


  • As an affiliate member, you will enjoy a number of benefits, one of which is having us set-up and manage your personalized web page for selling Master Moves worldwide. Here are examples of some of our affiliate websites:


  • With the Core Marketing Strategies you'll learn where to find people who actually want what you're selling. Step by step, you will become an effective promoter.

  • With your Master Moves brochures you will have customized marketing material to share with prospective customers during your daily activities.

  • You will have copies of the Master Moves TV infomercial to be able to share and demonstrate the benefits and effectiveness of the Master Moves core training program.

  • With the Master Moves corporate brochure, you will have a compelling presentation for organization.

  • In addition to the above, we provide guidance and support to our affiliates.


20 to 40 % commission for online sales - You make $20 to $40 for each sale you generate.

40 % commission for direct sales - When you purchase 10 sets of more for your own inventory for direct sales.


Commission payments. For Internet sales, commission is paid once it reaches a minimum of $100 and after the passage of a 30-day refund obligation period.


A unique and complete Core Training System. You will represent the most innovated and effective Core Training system which is attractively priced at $99.95, including a 1 Year Internet Coaching program, so your customers get huge value for their investment.


An extremely low Product Return Rate. Our return rate is less that 2% over the last 10 year which decreases risk to you.

A high quality personalized website. You will be able to send your visitors to a very informative and affective sales website, which typically yields a high conversion rate.
Core Marketing Strategies. You will receive the most effective marketing strategies to help you became an expert in Marketing. We put a resource center together with lots of information and strategies to make you successful selling - online and off-line
$100 for New Affiliate Registrations. When you recommend our affiliate program to people that qualify and register in our affiliate program, you get pay $100 per person.

Millions of people have seen Master Moves on TV: ranks among the top 5 Core Training sites on the Internet.
Search on Google for "core training" and you will see that Master Moves ranks among the top sites over 592,000,000 websites We have sold Master Moves for over 10 years on the Internet and TV shows.

People have purchased Master Moves in countries such as:

United Kindom
United States
Steps to Become a Master Moves Affiliate.


Purchase your Core Training system at this link:


Note: Use your Master Moves system for at least one month before applying to become a Master Moves affiliate.


Register online at this link:


Note: You will receive instructions by e-mail once your registration is approved.


Payment of your Registration Fee.

Note: After you registration is approved. You will receive a link to complete your registration. This Registration includes building your website, promotional material and your Marketing program.

Are you ready for your business success?

Your business is only as good as the person who runs it. That's you! How motivated and enthusiastic are you? How skillful and capable are you? Do you have the expectations and confidence to rise to the top? The time has come! Let us help you and your business will profit from our experience and the first-hand testimonials you will be able to share with prospective customers.

My goal is to share with you a number of marketing techniques I have found useful in the development of my business. I will share with you online and off-line marketing tips to make your affiliate program a real business success.

Our mission is to teach, promote and celebrate health and fitness for maximum vigor and productivity. Make a wise investment in your future business.

Oswaldo Koch, MBA, Eng.,Fitness Trainer
Creator of Master Moves

What People Say About Master Moves

I'm a hands-on physical therapist (former Chairman of the Registered Physiotherapists of B.C.) with studies in personal growth coaching and leadership. I'm very impressed and professionally excited about using Master Moves to help progress my patient's further recovery as well as positively impacting on the health of individuals in the therapeutic and preventive areas of health.

I invite you to try Master Moves and discover the great benefits from core training.
You will learn how you can tone up, lose those few extra pounds, cleanse your body and feel totally energized.

Fred Samorodin, Physical Therapist

It's a great pleasure to help you achieve your wellness and fitness objective. Over the last 30 years, as a physiotherapist and public speaker on health, humour and feeling happy, it has been my privilege to help my clients, help themselves feel 'good to be alive" as they age.

After fifty, I noticed it was becoming harder to participate and enjoy the fun filled moments of life, for example playing sports like Tennis,Golf and Squash,Yoga, hiking with friends, my dog and my children. After 7 weeks of using Mastermoves, I feel like I have turned back the 'aging clock". The exercises integrate dynamic movement with training core muscles, flexibility and breathing properly. The more I do the less of me there is! I feel younger, stronger and full of vitality!

Cathy Russell, Physical Therapist

I'm a traditionally trained registered physiotherapist with over 25 years of clinical experience. My practice uses traditional methods such as exercise programs, manual therapies as well as non-traditional methods such as: acupuncture, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), manual therapy, connective tissue therapy, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulations, advanced cranial therapy, and vascular therapy.3q6qQZ_AFho

I invite you to try Master Moves and discover the great benefits from core training.
You will learn how you can tone up, lose those few extra pounds, cleanse your body and feel totally energized.

Janice Webber, PT, CAFCI
Registered Physiotherapist

As an international life coach and inspirational speaker, I work with both individuals and entrepreneurs as well as corporations and organizations.

Experience has shown me time and again that our personal power and as a result our ability to be successful in every area of life requires one key element: connection with a strong core!

This is why I really appreciate the efficacy of the Master Moves System, because it is in harmony with how I live my own life and what I see in my clients' lives who create great success as well.

Joshua Zuchter
International life coach, business consultant, and speaker.

I instructed hockey with Paragon International Hockey Programs in Edmonton for many years and worked with many fitness experts and professional hockey players during my time with Paragon. This previous experience has given me the understanding of general training that I need to succeed with Master Moves.

I have coached Midget 'Rep' hockey and I love hockey - Master Moves is a highly targeted Core Training Program that produces real results. My goal is to educate others to achieve optimal fitness using The Master Moves System!

James Rennick,
Hockey Coach, Fitness Consultant

Core Training is vital to your athletic success and peak performance. The movements in this 15-minute program are designed to stabilize and strengthen your skeletal structure. Your core muscles are the foundation for your upper and lower body. You can't have effective transfer of energy or power without a strong core.

As you begin to work with Master Moves, you will notice less fatigue associated with the body breaking down, helping to increase strength and reduce the risk of injury. As an athlete and educator I highly recommend Master Moves for achieving what I call functional movements.

Chihoko Harrison, Fitness Trainer

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