True Stories from Those Who Achieve the Impossible

A number of mentors, (including myself) receive questions on a regular basis asking for guidance on how to move beyond various obstacles.

We hear of a plethora of agonizing situations, such as…. financial devastation and fear of where the economy is heading, home foreclosures, job losses, evictions, relationship failures and declining health. It can be heart-wrenching to hear stories of horrific torment some people are going through.

It's time for this emotional spiral to stop and my friend's feel the same way. Therefore I'm honored and excited to tell you about a massive project that has been completed for your benefit!

In Walking With the Wise for Overcoming Obstacles, we share amazing stories that provide the motivation and inspiration required for your to meet and overcome your daily challenges.

Take a look at just a few of our Mentors....

(Remember we have many more!)

Bob Proctor

Jack Canfield

Oswaldo Koch

Loral Langemeier

Wayne Dyer

Bob Doyle

Brian Tracy

Marshall Sylver

Jim Rohn

Ken Varga

Lee Milteer

Joe Vitale

Vic Johnson

Nordine Zouareg

Susan Gilbert

Frank Macquire

I have been asked to be part of a multi-media compendium that includes myself and 49 other mentors. Our purpose is to guide you through the rough times many are experiencing right now.

We have banded together to do this for you!!!

It all begins with a new book release compiled by Mentors Harbor called; "Walking With the Wise for Overcoming Obstacles".

But this is no ordinary hard copy "book"….

Part of the criteria to be included in this book of guidance and projects… is that each of us had to have overcome a significant obstacle of our own in the past. We were all required to tell you about not only what it was…but how we felt when it was happening and what we ultimately did to move past it.

Understand that this NOT a book of "woes". It is a book teaching you how to OVERCOME what is standing in your way of realizing what you want.

What Kind of Obstacles Will You Hear About In This Book?

An obstacle can stop your life from going right. You will hear about obstacles with embezzlers, deals that were dropped, job lay-offs, duplicity, false accusations, derision, divorce, losing kids, the death of a child, partner or vital business associate, being abandoned by your father, economic setbacks, government attacks, a law change that suddenly made a business illegal.

How other's made serious errors in judgment; one who even accosted an innocent person only to find 20 of their young, capable, male friends lining up behind them ready to "kick their butt."

Situations of addictions - whether alcohol, drugs, sex,... or keeping up a charade for others when they lived with an addicted person.

Read how others overcame AIDS, Cancer, or a Diabetes diagnosis. How someone handled getting laid off when they had a large family to support. You will hear of lawsuits, and a rigged trial on television. How debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure or getting shot was only a temporary problem. Or even the harrowing reality of what happens when you see someone else get shot in front of you as a young child... Learn of the ravages of war... losing everything in a fire, a flood, or Hurricane Katrina.

Be amazed by the story of one who won 4 bodybuilding titles in a single year as Mr. France, Mr. Europe, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe. (When as a baby in war torn Iraq, he was very sickly and left by his mother for dead).

We call the word "Obstacles", by a thousand and one names...

I sincerely hope this project will help to bring you peace and move you forward on the life you want to live.

Oswaldo Koch, MBA, P.Eng.,Fitness Traininer
President, OK Initiatives, Inc.

They achieved the impossible!

Bob ProctorWhen a person picks up something to read, generally the first thought that comes to their mind is; 'I hope this is a good book.' We have made sure this is a good book.

In Walking With the Wise for Overcoming Obstacles, we has brought together a number of wise mentors with heartwarming stores you will want to refer back to a number of times. It's stories likes these that provide the motivation and inspiration required for us to meet and overcome every challenge.

You will especially appreciate the inspiration from a number of mentors that you personally recognize and the true stories from people you may never have heard of.

All achieved the impossible. All share how they have overcome enormous challenges and show you how to do the same!

Bob Proctor
Best Selling Author, You Were Born Rich
and philosopher in the movie The Secret.

They are open to new ideas!

Jim Rohn
"I found Walking With the Wise: Overcoming Obstacles a very intriguing eye opener. Very rarely can you read so many valuable words of wisdom from trusted mentors in one place.

I highly recommend this tool to build a good life."

Jim Rohn 
Best selling author of
The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

They can sail turbulent seas!

Life is like the seas. Sure, we all wish for smooth sailing... But smooth sailing will not make you a capable captain. The only captain that is sea-worthy is one that can sail turbulent seas.

And because life is like the Seas; Storms in life will come.

Therefore I will ask you...If you were on a ship and a hurricane was bearing down; would you rather have a captain at the helm who had never met adversity? Would you prefer an untried captain who had only sailed the charming waters of Sydney Harbor? How confident would you feel?

Nowhere does it say that the great and privileged do not and will not encounter setbacks, heartache, struggle, and adventure. Quite to the contrary! Successful people are very often those who refuse to be daunted by obstacles and have the ability to make consistently great choices.

Get Inspire!
Master Moves Success Story

The difference between the super successful and an ordinary person is not that they didn't have any problems... It's that they learned how to solve them. AND; they chose their response to be pro-active, not re-active.

The hours of nurturing and guidance received from multiple mentors in multiple forms of media…can begin to change your surroundings right now!


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They are open to new ideas!

Successful people are very often those who steadfastly refuse to be daunted by disadvantage and have the ability to turn disadvantage to good effect. "Successful people are ordinary people who make consistently great choices.

Open Successful people are open to new ideas. Successful people are the ones who find solutions. Successful people are tenacious, smart and hardworking.

Oswaldo Koch
Creator of the Mastermoves Core Training system

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