You can either write a 500-word Personal Transformation Story or answer the six questions below in order to qualify for the $200 cash prize. You can either submit your answers online by clicking on the Submit button at the bottom of this page, or if you preffer you can email them to us along with your photos. Your Personal Transformation Story and pictures have to be submited to within 14 days of completion of the Challenge.

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Q1: What were your reasons for deciding to accept the Mastermoves Challenge?

Q2: What inspired you to stay on course throughout the 100 day Challenge?
Q3: What obstacles did you have to overcome – what adversity did you transform into positive energy – in order to complete the 100 day Challenge?
Q4: How did you measure your physical progress from "before" to "after"? (Body fat percentage/body composition; pant size; dress size; scale weight; health indicators, such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, etc.). Please describe your physical improvements in terms of how you measured them.
Q5: Which aspects of the Mastermoves exercises programs and eating plans you found to be most effective for you and how did they benefit you?
Q6: How was your life transformed by improving your physical condition – by deciding to accept the Challenge and sticking with it from start to finish?

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