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Fitness Trainer

Under the guidance of an experienced fitness trainer, you will achieve your fitness goals. The assignments are designed to give you a variety of natural exercises to do. The exercises are appropriate for any of the fitness goals you want to achieve (flexibility, coordination, endurance, strength or speed.)

You will also receive advice on how to:

  • Relax mentally and physically
  • Organize your meal plans
  • Become a fitness trainer
  • Improve your overall health & fitness

If you are interested we can also explain how you can improve your vitality and beauty, and how to avoid the common errors and mistakes that many people make when they begin MASTERMOVES.

Your tutor will encourage you with objective, realistic and constructive comments. Through this firm but gentle approach many students come to know their tutor as a trusted friend.

All of our tutors are successful fitness experts. Each person has the experience learned only through specialized training and hard work. We have trained them to help you overcome any difficulties you may encounter as a MASTERMOVES student.

From their own experiences our trainers can assist you from start to finish, so you achieve the results you came to us looking for. Everybody at MASTERMOVES has the same goal - to help you become a strong, confident and successful fitness leader.


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Client Testimonials

I love it! I have been using Mastermoves now for almost a year and I haven’t missed one single day of exercise. My “gym” now consists of 2 tools that are both portable and easy to use. I can do my exercises anywhere any time -15 min. twice a day is a manageable exercise program for my busy life style.
-- Frances Preissl, Executive Assistance


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