Core Muscle Development

STEP 6: Exercising your body

The sixth step towards creating your NEW BODY is exercising it. Whatever your age or state of health, in the next 100 days you'll witness some of the most positive changes to your body.

Mastermoves offers 7 fitness programs for a variety of fitness needs. You can practice each program individually or together as a holistic fitness system. In this section, you will learn the Mastermoves Body Conditioning Program and the Master Disk Routine.

The Mastermoves Body Conditioning Program has been designed to realign and recondition your body to develop the foundation for more advanced Mastermoves fitness routines.

The Master Disk Routine is a short version of the Body Conditioning program. This is the ideal exercise routine for training your core muscles. Take a look:

Core Muscle Exercises

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STEP 6: Exercising your body

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