Attain a Well-Toned Lean Stomach

Why is it that some people who have never ventured into a gym, and for whom "healthy" eating is not a norm still have well-toned lean stomachs? Is genetics to blame, the after-effects of bad eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, even bad posture? All are possibilities but the most likely reason is stress.

Whenever you are worried or under stress, the body reacts. Some people find that the stomach is
particularly affected when it is suddenly bombarded with large amounts of the stress hormone cortisol.
Because the stomach area has more receptors than any other part of the body, the hormone is automatically pumped into the fat cells lying around the waist where it settles. In order to deal with stress and to reduce the effect it has on your stomach, there are several positive things you can do:

• Learn to relax
• Take regular exercise
• Practice deep breathing
• Have a good laugh
• If you drink or smoke, cut down

November 2007
Urban Rush on Shaw TV

Urban Rush is a Canadian entertainment talk show based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and is hosted by Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford. Urban Rush features guests from the genres of film, television, music, literature, sports and pop culture.

Forbes and Eckford have been working as co-hosts in the Canadian television industry for the past ten years and have won numerous Leo Awards and Reader's Choice Awards.

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