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"I have to say I've been recommending this program to everyone I know. Thank you very much!"

I first saw MasterMoves on Dragons Den then did my research and all the reviews were so positive that I decided to give it a try. Little did I know that it would be packed with nutrition and positive reinforcement information. I have had a eliptical trainer that I finally gave to my daughter to use as it was collecting dust.

With MasterMoves it's so much fun and easy that you can't wait to do your exercises every day. It just fits into any schedule [I work full time] so easily and the great thing is that when I travel I can take it with me.I feel so healthy and make the food and drinks daily and I'm now looking in to purchasing a masticating juicer too. Thank you for such a healthy program.

-- Brenda from Ontario, Canada


Lots of fun!

I've purchased a lot of exercise equipment over the years. I'm basically clumsy and I often find my coordination is not well matched to the equipment and I soon tire of trying - garage sale pile. My tried and true exercise is the treadmill. Do I actually like it? - No - but I'm diligent - I like to watch movies so my deal with myself is all movies get watched while walking.

Since getting this product home a couple of weeks ago, I've used it every day. What has pleasantly surprised me is how much I am enjoying it. No deals, no falling, I'm a little slow and I'll stick to the beginners until I'm more comfortable with the movements but, it really is fun. This is definitely worth a try. Six months from now we'll see if the fun has any waistline results - I hope so.



It's a great pleasure to recommend Master Moves!

As a business owner, mother of two children and a high school lacrosse coach, I know how hard it is to fit exercise into my daily routine. Master Moves not only makes Core Training easy to do, but the simple routines are fun and boosts my energy for the rest of the day.

-- Ann from Paradise Valley,AZ, USA


Great for my knee!

I bought this product for my waistline but so far no improvements. However, to my surprise my knee problem that I had for years has mostly disappeared. I am so impressed I want to contact my physio person at Sunnybrook Hospital to tell her about Master Moves. This is far easier to use than the stretching exercise using the towel and twisting your body into a pretzel.

I will warn you that at the beginning that I had experience a very sore right knee the first day. However several days later I noticed that my right leg felt solid instead feeling like jelly. I then went back onto the Power Disk but did not over do it. I am happy to say that I am far more mobile and do not have to do the baby steps on the subway stairs. I can keep up with the rush hour crowd now. For this reason I am recommending Master Moves for folks with knee problems.



Invest in your well-being!

I am a Ph.D. in Gerontology, Master Trainer for ACE, AFAA, and the ISCA, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Wado-Kai Karate, Post Re-hab Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor for Kickboxing, Body pump, Spinning, Yoga, and Pilates. My goal is to educate, inspire and empower people to be their personal best!

I chose to embrace the efficacy and beauty of the Mastermoves Core Training System because it is in harmony with my quest to achieve my optimal fitness and share my experience with every person I meet.

-- Dianne from Palm City,Florida,USA

I lost 3.5 inches around my tummy!

After 100 days, Drew stepped on the scale in April, at 260 lbs, and his tummy (around the biggest part) was 50 and 1/2 inches. He stepped on the scale today and was 235 lbs (and extremely happy), and his tummy was 47 inches. HE was even shocked as he said he couldn't believe it. All previous DIETS never did work nor did they keep the weight off. We did the Master Moves "almost" faithfully every day, 100 - 200 rotation every morning and every night.

-- Drew and Julie from Chilliwack,BC,Canada


Customer satisfaction all the way!!!

I emailed Master Moves customer service because my Focus Bar was defected....the hole was too small to thread the string. Expecting a long time for someone to email me back - I was so impressed when not only did Oswaldo email me back right away but is sending a replacement.

I love this piece of equipment. I have already noticed a difference and it has helped release a lot of tension in my lower back. Everyone should give it a try....


Worth the money!

Definitely great for stretching and balance, not sure it would help me lose weight or that I want to - I am at a good weight. You will not build muscle with this necessarily but you will feel great. The recipe book is a nice touch and the DVD (4 of them) is easy to follow. It is well worth [$]. My mother was over this week and tried it and she is in her 60's and wants one now. Anyone can do it!

-- STEFAN from Canada,ON,OTTAWA

Great piece of equipment!

I bought this product when it first appeared on air and have loved it ever since. I put on country and western music and away I go for around 10-15 mins at a time.It is so much fun to use and I feel so much better after. I don't need anything else to work on as this one is terrific.Love it love it. Even when I go to the gym, I use this first and find this for me, personally so much better.


This is THE ONE!!!

This is the one and only piece of fitness equipment I will ever need!! If you like the moves of salsa, rhumba, then put your music on and move like you have never been able to move before!! It has freed me from arthritic pain in my hip and knees and given me back my abs. It has also strengthened my legs, arms, back and I have lost several pounds in only 3 weeks. It's an allover workout that anyone can do and enjoy! ALL my other equipment (except Aero-Pilates) are out the door.



"I am a busy student and was able to follow the videos easy. Thank for developing such a great program."

These Core Training is something that I would recommend to anyone, no matter what their fitness level or situation. For me, it represents a variant of physical fitness that fits into my holistic lifestyle, and that is a rare thing!

For a serious yogini, core strength is essential, and Master Moves has helped me to deepen my yoga practice a great deal. My backbends are deeper, I feel more grounded in my stance, and I feel stronger overall.

-- Samantha from BC, Canada 


"I'm so thankful for Mastermoves!"

My life has been changed practicing Master Moves and will never again be the same thanks to them!

I never would have believed it. I would have thought it was just another workout plan I would fail at. But I tried it and it was amazing. Who would have thought that something so basic, simple and fun could have such profound results! Try it and amaze yourself!!!!

-- Cindy from BC, Canada



In my 25 years of practicing and teaching martial arts, I've never seen such an easy, complete, and effective training system as Master Moves I can train my core at home playing with my children, at the office during my break or at my martial arts studio.

With Mastermoves, people no longer have excuses for not living life in optimal shape!"

-- Jon from BC, Canada


"I found the exercises fun and actually felt the workout with-in the couple of minutes."

Being a Wife, Mother and Running my own business I found working with the Master Moves System, Fun, Easy and most of all portable, oh and did I say FUN, it actually feels like your dancing and I have never got board or felt like it was not challenging enough to feel like an amazing work out.

Now, I am more focused to actually doing the exercise and my two year old dances along side of me while mommy is exercising and he is getting some exercise as well.

-- Deborah from BC, Canada


"These workouts seem to do what was promised"

The Master Moves system is easy, fun, and portable, otherwise I wouldn't do it. I don't have time in my life for things that are not fun.

I can't believe the results I got 7 weeks of Core Training, was able to stand up and have fun and see better result from getting on the floor and doing crunches or sit-ups. I lost 10.5 inches all over my body.

Mastermoves is a great piece of equipment and a great program because is easy to use and easy to follow along. It's everything you need in an exercise program.

-- Ariane from BC, Canada


"You are SO charismatic, entretaining and inspirational, but most important truthful"

I was glued to the set while you were on! :) Any show that you have, or all of them, I'll watch over and over as I'm doing my core training! I know that everyday I can make time for this and I already am! My teenage daughter is now showing interest as well!

You are SO charismatic, entertaining and motivational but most importantly truthful...and I can't wait to read your newsletters Oswaldo!

Thank you again and I will let you know how the first 100 days change my life!

-- Customer from The Shopping Channel, Canada


Love It!

Quality made. Sturdy piece of equipment. Excellent for all ages - Worth every penny. Sign up for Oswaldo's emails- very inspirational!! Buy with confidence!

-- Customer from The Shopping Channel, Canada

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