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These training and workout program can and will change your life, both from a perspective of personal and professional development. You will develop good form and posture - the outer sign of strength, character, discipline, health and beauty.
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Core Training - Beginners DVDs

Body Blast - This is the ideal AB exercises for women and men (beginner level). You can reshape your core muscles in less than 3 months. All you need to do is follow this holistic program and exercise your body 15 minutes twice a day.
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exercise programs

Core Training - Intermediate/Advanced DVDs

Body Endurance and Calorie Blast
- the ideal endurance and cardio training for women and men. You will develop muscular endurance following these two routines - 15 minutes twice a day.
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Body Conditioning Program
This DVD contains Body Conditioning exercises designed to align your body and develop the foundation for flexibility, coordination, speed, strength and endurance. The video tape runs for approximately 30 minutes.
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Body Relaxation Program
This DVD and CD contain detailed instructions on how to use the Master Massager and how to achieve complete relaxation after a workout or at any time when you feel stressed. The video tape runs for approximately 30 minutes. Read more


Body Flexibility - Speed Program
These DVDs will teach you how to
stretch your body gently and rhythmically. You will enhance the range of motion of your joints, while keeping your muscles toned, flexible and fast. The workouts runs for approximately 15 minutes each. Read more


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