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Discover Easy Ways To Overcome Obstacles And Achieve Success In Every Area of your Life!

This amazing book, Walking With The Wise For Overcoming Obstacles, can help YOU become a great mentor for many poeple.

You already know I can't and won't promise you it will help you avoid all the storms that come in life (though it can and will help you avoid some of them), but I absolutely CAN promise you it will inspire, motivate, and guide you to get off your pity pot, wake up your own inner Eagle, and move forward in spite of obstacles that may currently be populating your life.

In fact, this little concentrated compendium of obstacles and how they were overcome; may just put into proportion the "HUGE" "problems" you've been imagining you have...

Here's a Sneak-Peek at What's Inside…

Would you like to peek inside to see what is really there? Sounds good to me! We've included the entire Foreward to Walking With The Wise Overcoming Obstacles as well as the first page of 4 different contributors...

Go ahead, stick your toe in the water!

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Samples from...

Overcoming Obstacles (Hard Copy Version)

Bob Proctor: "Obstacles = Opportunity" (p. 5)

Jim Rohn: "The Emotions And Habits That Lead To A Life Of Change" (p. 48)

Marshall Sylver: "Don't Survive - THRIVE!" (p. 88)

Susan Gilbert: "Judge Judy Found Me GUILTY!" (p. 92)

Great Interviews !
In the back of the Walking With the Wise for Overcoming Obstacles book; we have transcribed some of our LIVE Mentors Magazine Interviews to read from 3 of our contributors.

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor

In this Special Section, Linda Forsythe carries on a discussion with Bob Proctor (from the movie, "The Secret"), who discusses how the Law of Attraction works and how to utilize strategies in overcoming any obstacle in your life. Bob Proctor divulges an insider look into the workings of vibrational thought and how they manifest what is experienced in the outer world. A historical perspective is also discussed on how others in the past implemented these secrets. This glimpse into the minds of great people who utilize The Law of Attraction on a habitual basis is an eye-opening and enlightening experience.

Ibn Ali

Ibn Ali, (nephew of Muhammad Ali), gives an inspiring account of how his Uncle, other members of the Ali family, and himself have accomplished miraculous success at whatever they do. One of the most important ingredients according to Ibn... is their abilities to overcome any kind of obstacle through faith that anything can be accomplished and through unstoppable perserverence. This inspiring conversation Ibn carries on with Linda Forsythe reveals a "behind-the-scene" thought process from the minds of champions.


John Assaraf and
Murray Smith

The founders of the OneCoachâ„¢ system and coauthors of the best selling book "The Answer," have both come together for an exclusive interview with Linda Forsythe. These two entrepreneurs create multi-million dollar businesses on a daily basis, and spill secrets here that are mind boggling.John Assaraf and Murray Smith work together like a well oiled machine with business systems uncompared. Both John and Murray have come from very humble beginnings, and evolved to self-made millionaires... many times over with a multitude of various businesses. They each feel it is time for them to "give back" to the world, the secrets of how they manifested their abundance of blessings. John and Murray teach multi-million dollar strategies here that can only come from them and their systems.

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Complete Set:
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