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Week Thirteen - Your New Body is Here!

The ability to control how you look and feel is a wonderful thing that should not be taken for granted. Regardless of age, weight or athletic ability, aerobic exercise is good for you. - can help you live longer and healthier. However, if you want to burn more calories and tone your body, Core Endurance can be very effective. Core Endurance includes intense anaerobic exercises to helps push the heart and circulatory system further than the easy pace of aerobic activity - such as walking, bicycling or swimming. Core Endurance forces the body to adapt causing many changes which benefit us in a lot of ways.

Core Endurance combines anaerobic and aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercise reduces stress, improves your circulation, burns more fat than anaerobic, but it decreases muscle mass. Anaerobic exercise increases muscle mass, increases cardio capacity but doesn't burn a lot of fat. As a result, Core Endurance maintain muscle, improve bone density, optimize your cardiovascular system and gain the fat burning benefit of both. As a final thought, the more muscle fiber you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day as your body works to repair and maintain those muscle fibers.

Core Endurance provides an exciting new application of Master Moves, addressing the special needs of core muscles for the practice of sports. Core muscles are the muscles that support your midsection and your spine. Think of your core muscles as nature's "protective girdle." Whether you are a competitive athlete, or an everyday jogger, this week your training is designed to enhance your core muscle endurance. More and more people are discovering that when they have core endurance, some of the main benefits are of the Core Endurance program are:

  • Helps endurance athletes at all levels to avoid the injuries that too often sabotage their performance. Strong core muscles with optimal endurance work to prevent back injuries and help promote optimal function.
  • Delivers the desired combination of strength and stamina, balance and flexibility, athletic quickness and power for optimal fitness.
  • Provides an endurance-oriented nutrition program - complete with recommendation.
  • Improves protection - Excessive strength of core muscles won't prevent back injuries, but Core Endurance has been shown to improve the protection of the spinal column. Core muscles act like a bowl around your spine. Optimal strength and endurance makes this "bowl" stronger and more stable.
  • Provides regular training - Exercising your core muscles should be a regular part of your daily activities.
Core muscles are more than just abdominals on the front of your body-they are also on your sides and mid/low/upper back areas. Some are deep and some are superficial which creates a layered effect for increased stabilization. The following schedule is specifically for Core Training:
Take this program seriously and have fun!

Exercise Schedule

Core Nutrition Schedule

Core Nutrition Recipes

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