Week One - Track Your Success

Tracking your daily progress helps you to focus on the important things you need to do in order to move toward your goals. To be successful during the Core Challenge you need to hold yourself accountable for your progress and results. Your focus during the first week is to develop good daily progress tracking habits. Tracking your daily success helps you stay focused.

Everyday, you should imagine a well-toned body, the loss of several pounds of weight, healthy skin, increased energy, better digestion. Imagine feeling fit and healthy and able to get up early and work with energy during the day. You will be able to achieve this level of fitness in the next 100 days if you train with Master Moves daily and track your progress.

If you don’t track, you’re more likely to focus on your failures. It’s natural for people to focus on the negative side of things. By changing your eating habits and tracking the healthy foods you eat regularly, your energy levels will be maintained throughout the day, you will feel more alert, and you will not be piling on extra pounds with junk food most people eat as snack.

Your Goal for This Week

To avoid dwelling on negative things, this week, your goal is to develop the habit to track the actions you’ve taken and the accomplishments you’ve made. Keeping your spirits up is very important in achieving your fitness goal during The Core Challenge.

Most people fail to accomplish their goals, not because they lack the skills but because they lose sight of what they want to achieve. During The Core Challenge, you need to replace bad habits with good habits. Good habits serve to create routine, order and efficiency. Unfortunately bad habits have the opposite effect and can lock us into negative or rigid patterns of behavior. Bad habits such as overeating, smoking or drinking alcoho or coffee can be damaging to our health and well-being.

If you learn to replace bad habits with good habits, then even a small daily change can create big changes in 100 days. The Core Challenge is designed to help you track your daily progress and make sure good habits are as consistent as possible and are repeated every day for 100 days. Important reasons for tracking your daily progress include:

  • Tracking enables you to know where you stand against your fitness goals at any given point in the process.

  • Tracking helps you monitor and determine if you need to make adjustments to your plan. If, for instance, you see your fitness
    level improving, you may want to adjust to a more challenging daily plan as you move forward.

  • Having a written record helps you clearly see progress so you can celebrate milestones - this helps boost confidence and place your focus on progress rather than on the distance you may feel from your fitness goals.

  • Unless you keep good track of your progress, it will be easy to get derailed along the way. If you constantly track what you eat, what workouts you do, and what your measurements are, you will always be thinking "healthy" and making better decisions about your health as you move along.

  • The benefits of making an added effort in monitoring your daily activities and eating habits will always outweigh the effort. Maintaining a personal journal takes only a few minutes a day.

Follow The Rules for Success

One of the most common reasons that people don't get to accomplish their goals is that we tend to get distracted, and we lose track of important things that need to be done consistently in order to move forward towards our goals. If you have The Core Challenge Kit, begin each day by opening your Success Log and write down the date. Then complete the following:

  • Morning: Read the Daily Affirmation and its meaning each morning.

  • Morning: Close your eyes and visualize the Daily Affirmation.

  • Morning: Write down the list of 5 important things you will do daily.

  • During the day: Memorize the Daily Affirmation and follow your Success List.

  • Evening: Check the items that you accomplished from your SUCCESS LIST.

  • Evening: Check the list of the 5 most important things that you accomplished.

  • Evening: Write down the list of 5 activities you enjoyed during the day.

Place a check (V) when you accomplish an item from your list, otherwise place (X)

Your success during the next 100 days can be achieved through a holistic change in your lifestyle. Besides exercising every day, there are other important things you need to do every day. Check your current progress, understand what you did to move it forward, find out what else you still need to do. By doing this regularly, you train your mind to become alert to things that are related to your goals, and gradually your mind will automatically guide you to do whatever needed to achieve them. If you have not order The Core Challenge kit, please follow these steps:

  • Write down all your goals in a notebook and keep yourself constantly reminded of your goals.

  • Review your goals twice a day: frist thing after you get out of the bed and at night just before you go to sleep. When you review them, envision how accomplishing that goal will make you feel.

  • Carry a notepad with you through the day. Write down each task you perform right away.

  • Continue to carry your notepad with you each day, recording each task you perform. Carry the notepad with you each day for at least a week--this will help you capture those tasks that you do on a weekly basis as well as your daily tasks.

  • Break big tasks into small steps. Many people often get overwhelmed when faced with big tasks. Breaking down big goals or tasks into small steps will help you track your daily progress and will make you feel that each task is achievable, and you are less likely to feel overwhelmed.
Tracking you daily exercises, meals and drinks will tell you which actions give the best results. Aside from tracking the steps you’ve taken to accomplish your goals, you should also track the results from each step. After a few weeks or a few months, you’ll start seeing a pattern that will show you what actions work best for your goals. After that, it’s just a matter of adjusting your goal setting plan and concentrating on the tasks that yield better results. Doing this will help you achieve your goals faster.
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