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Success Journal

"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food."
- Hippocrates

A Success Journal requires that each day of your life should contribute in a meaningful way to the achievement of your goals. To have a worthy goal means to always have a clear picture of your final destination. Setting a clear goal means using your imagination to work backwards and see all the steps needed to take you to your goal.

Your Success Journal should reflect your goal. Your poals should reflect your passion, your purpose and your vision about what you want out of life. Clear and specific goals will determine your success in life.

Define your Fitness Purpose -Before setting your goals, you need to have a clear fitness purpose - the reason to commit yourself to exercising everyday. To help define your fitness purpose, here's a list of the most common fitness purposes for you to use as guidance:
  1. To practice competitive sports
  2. To enjoy an active life style
  3. To live a healthy life
  4. To play sports all my life
  5. To stay lean and healthy for life
  6. To have a beautiful body
  7. To be a professional dancer
  8. To lose weight
  9. To reach my fitness potential
  10. To live happier and longer
  11. To become a fitness trainer
  12. To reach my fitness potential
  13. To be a professional athlete
  14. To be a professional tennis player
ACTION: Write down one sentence that defines your fitness purpose NOW!.

Define Your Fitness Desires
- Now that you know your fitness purpose, make a list of the specific desires that are important for you and that will support your fitness purpose. To help you make your list, take a look at the following example:

      1. Good Posture
      2. Lean Body
      3. Flexibility
      4. Strength
      5. Coordination
      6. Endurance
      7. Speed
      8. Symmetry
      9. Relaxation
      10. Good Shape

ACTION: Make a list of your 5 fitness desires NOW!

Set Your Fitness Priority
- Based on your values and fitness purpose, arrange your fitness desires by priority. Write down your 10 most important fitness desires by priority:

ACTION: Arrage by priority your list of 5 fitness desires NOW!

Set Your Fitness Goals - For each of your fitness desires, write down one fitness goal. Use a positive phrase to formulate your goals and be very specific about what exactly you want to achieve. For example: My goal is to be flexible enough to touch my toes in 3 months.

ACTION: Make a list of your 5 fitness desires NOW!

Now that you have a fitness purpose and clear fitness goals, here's how to maintain a Success Journal that will help you achieve your personal goals:

1. Start right now.
2. Plan your daily activities.
3. Advance day by day.
4. Expect bumps along the way.
5. Track your progress.


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