The Core Challenge

The Core Challenge is a series of physical and mental fitness tasks challenging individuals to maximize their performance in tests of discipline, strength, and endurance. You have to develop your intuition and make your own opportunities, day by day. Everything that I know about body hydration, nutrition, exercise, and internal hygiene has been perfectly put together in this manual to provide you with the vital energy that will help you plan and achieve your personal goals.

By participating in The Core Challenge, you have the opportunity to learn Best Practices that will help you make daily conscious decisions that can make our world a better place to live. The Core Challenge will help you adopt Best Practices to keep your organs healthy, your muscles toned, your heart kind, your mind creative and astute. Your body naturally wants to be thin and healthy. You have the power to make that happen and The Core Challenge will be your vehicle to achieve your personal goals by being the best you can be one day at a time. To help you achieve optimal fitness we suggest the practice of Master Moves.

Based on fundamental techniques from dancing, martial arts and yoga, Master Moves is a low intensity fitness system designed to achieve natural fitness from the core of your body. What makes this training quite unique and effective is the "hip rotation" that you get from some of the exercises and the incorporations of Best Practices for achieving your goals in any area of your life. You have in your possession a manual that will empower you to change your life day by day.

Most health and environmental problems that people experience are the result of eating the wrong foods, chronic dehydration, sleep deprivation, the inability to cope with stress, and lack of exercise. Your body needs a daily intake of fluid and food to provide it with energy, to keep it healthy, and to help repair and renew damaged cells.
Your organs are the core of your body. If your organs do not work efficiently, your long term health will invariably suffer and your body will not be able to repair itself from stress, illness, overweight, depression and premature aging. Your organs slow down, and the accumulation of waste and toxins build up to such a level that toxic overload becomes almost inevitable. This throws your body out of balance and hinders your mental and physical health.

Furthermore, when you're struggling with your weight and back pain, you also carry a load of negative feelings: stress, disappointment, frustration, and insecurity. To make things worse, these feelings often make you want to over-eat because you equate food with comfort. The solution is proper hydration, natural nutrition and daily exercise! You will gain control over your body and your life when you include these Best Practices as part of your life.

Whether you are a mom juggling a thousand things, or a busy professional with meetings and deadlines, every day you have the opportunity to live your life with intention and to be better than you were the day before. In the next few pages, we will share key secrets that will give you the tools you need to reframe your thinking and achieve extraordinary results in the next 100 days.

Live a Fit and Prosperous Life!

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