What are Best Practices?

As you will learn during The Core Challenge, Best Practices are proven principles taken from ancient techniques and modern science. The Core Challenge offers you the opportunity to learn and incorporate Best Practices in your daily activities that will allow you to improve yourself physically, mentally and morally. In short, it will transform your life forever!

With a strong will to be the best that you can be, one day at a time, the opportunity of your lifetime will begin right here, right now! Based on your commitment to make small, daily changes on the road to fitness and prosperity, The Core Challenge is for you! You will receive day by day instructions for your daily activities throughout the entire program.

Seven Areas to Improve Your Success

Every day, for 100 days, you will shape a better body and harness the power of your mind. A commitment to using the following Best Practices is a commitment to be the best you can be in these areas:

Management Best Practices -. These practices suggest 'recycling' however these practices go beyond recycling by promoting the philosophy of Zero Waste. These practices motivate people to change their life style, demand durable products, and insist that corporations and governments behave in more responsible ways to protect our environment.

Fitness Best Practices - Fitness is everything from proper sleep to proper nutrition; from stress reduction to weight reduction, and from flexibility to balance and relaxation. Also, fitness is important because it helps your brain to function properly. The healthier and fitter your body is, the healthier your brain is going to be. Fitness will help to strengthen your muscles, sharpen your mind, and improve your creativity and productivity.

Visualization Best Practices - Visualization is using your imagination to see yourself in a situation that hasn't yet happened. Visualization is picturing yourself having or doing the things that you want, and successfully achieving the results that you desire. By practicing visualization several times a day, your life can be enriched with the most fulfilling experience imaginable - strategies, and techniques that will turn your goals into reality.

Persistence Best Practices - Persistence is the ability to maintain action regardless of your feelings. This means doing what you have to do to reach your goal, regardless of your emotional state and the circumstances that you are facing. There is no sudden leap to success, day by day, you will manifest 1% of your goal and in 100 days, your goal will become a reality.

Kindness Best Practices - Kindness is the act or the state of being kind and practicing charitable behavior, tenderness or concern for others. Making a difference in the lives of others while you are achieving your personal goal for The Core Challenge is an empowering and inspiring experience. You will lead by example to "raise the bar and set a higher standard" for yourself and the people around you.

Intuition Best Practices - Intuition is the ability to know things without the barriers of time, space, or any other obstruction. The intuitive person has a creative and sensitive mind that is able to perceive the invisible through hunches about future possibilities. People with a powerful intuition are often entrepreneurs, artist, inventors, and great leaders.

Attraction Best Practices - Focus on Your Goal and Attract Abundance. The Law of Attraction states that you will attract to yourself whatever you give your focus, attention, and energy to, whether it is positive or negative. The law of attraction was clearly expressed by Napoleon Hill when he said, "We become what we think about." Once you understand how to use this law, nothing and no one can deny your success.


Yes, YOU can do it! The fact that you have enrolled in The Core Challenge demonstrates that you have the will and the desire to change. You will soon discover that by helping yourself, you can help others and make a difference in your family and community.

Each day you will see your progress in black and white, as you complete your success list. Day by day, you will have opportunities to grow; you will learn new best practices and review both what is important and what you enjoyed. The Core Challenge is a road map to making good choices; wise choices that will fortify your body and mind. By taking The Core Challenge, you have the power and the opportunity to enhance your health, fitness and prosperity. At any time you can decide to alter the course of your life and be the best you can be.

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