Persistance Best Practices

As previously mentioned, persistence is the ability to maintain positive action regardless of your feelings or worries. Persistence allows you to press on even when you feel like quitting. How many times have you had an idea that seemed as though it was magically inspired by something outside of yourself? You knew that somehow, somewhere deep within you, you were meant to pursue that idea, and that it would be the best possible path to take at that time. Regardless of the goal, there is one thing that is certain if you want to achieve it, you will need to be persistent!

Persistence is finishing what you have started. When you work on any big goal, your motivation can constantly change like waves hitting the shore. Sometimes you will feel motivated, and sometimes you won't. However, many people blindly assume that it is our motivation that is producing results, when in reality it is our positive action that guides us to our desired goal.

  • Persistence can teach us how to live a self-disciplined life, become more responsible, increase effectiveness, and improve relationships.
  • Persistence is the art of self-discipline; the kind of self-control that underlies voluntary compliance with expected standards.
  • The practice of persistence is the kind of discipline of mature character and respect that a civilized society expects of its citizens.
  • Persistence is the self-discipline of the competitive athlete, of the professional musician, of the master craftsman, of the expert in any field.
  • A disciplined life leads to responsibility, increased effectiveness, and improved relationships. A vehicle to develop discipline is by the practice of persistence.
  • The practice of persistence is a great vehicle to develop self-confident, self-discipline and to knows how to control the frustration and stresses of everyday life.

Live a Fit and Prosperous Life!

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