Building strength is important. However when your training focus is only on gaining muscular mass, your range of motion and the flexibility of your muscles are lost. This, in turn, increases your risk of injury. Training with Mastermoves, you will help you develop and easily maintain strong and lean muscles, and become capable of moving with speed, flexibility and precision.

Some of the Mastermoves body strengthening techniques include:

Shoulder & Abdominals Strengthening

Use the Master Disk to:Develops abdominal muscles.

  • Strengthens shoulder muscles
  • Stretchs and aligns the upper body frame
  • Strengthens the lower back muscles.
Upper Body Strengthening  

Use the Master Rod to:

  • Strengthen wrist joints.
  • Strengthen arm and shoulder muscles.
  • Strengthen abdominals and lower back muscles.
  • Promote body centering.
  • Stimulate body fluid circulation.

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