Developing flexibility improves the range and quality of your body movements. Just as a tree needs to be flexible to withstand the forces of nature, your body needs to be flexible so that it can cope with your daily activities without injury. Mastermoves will assist you to align and stretch every muscle in your body.

Some of these techniques performed with the Master Rod include:

Upper Body  


  • Gentle arm stretches
  • Muscle warm-up
  • Joint lubrication
  • Shoulder alignment
Back, Hips and Thighs  


  • Back alignment
  • Hip stretch
  • Thigh stretch


Popular Stretches

Developing flexibility improves body resistance and reduces the risk of injuries. The training with Mastermoves will help you to achieve complete flexibility in your body.

Leg Stratch  

The Master Disk, will allow you to rotate your body and to have a comfortable position to gently stretch your legs while you are listening to your favorite music, watching TV, or just enjoying a quiet evening at home.

Total Bending  

The Master Disk will assist you to bend from your hips, not from your waist.

Hip Stretch  

Combining the use of the Master Rod and the Master Disk, you will achieve flexibility in your hips which, in turn, will allow you greater mobility and range of motion during your activities.

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