Developing coordination promotes harmony, balance and unity in all parts of your body. When you are coordinated, you move with grace and efficiency, and you can easily learn to excel in any sport. Training with Mastermoves will condition your body to move with balance, rhythm and coordination.

Some of the Mastermoves exercises that will improve your coordination include:

Disk Rotation  

Hip rotations with the Master Disk, will tone your spinal nerves and ligaments. These exercises will also strengthen your abdominal and back muscles while massaging your internal organs.

Body Balance  
Doing squats with t he Master Rod will assist you to condition your body to remain well balanced and and coordinated.
Sword Moves  
Basic sword moves with the Master Rod will significantly increase your reflexes, rhythm and coordination. Mastermoves uses sword moves based on Japanese and Chinese sword techniques.

Coordination is an acquired ability which develops naturally upon exposure to such activities as dancing or gymnastics during childhood. However, even as an adult you can greatly improve your coordination, rhythm and balance. The training with Mastermoves will assist you to practise basic moves derived from martial arts and dancing that will improve your coordination.

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