Oswaldo Koch


Observe how disposable products are increasingly replacing
objects of pride and beauty, simple things
that would last a lifetime and beyond.

by Oswaldo Koch

In today's modern world, we are seduced by comfortable lifestyles. We abuse our technological advantage. We seem to forget the power of our bodies and minds. In many cases, we prefer to lean back in the controlled comfort of ourNatural Order living rooms watching TV instead of using our time creatively for personal growth.

In today's modern life, our modern societies are geared for mass production which in many ways takes the richness from nature and returns the waste of its products. Mass-production and the abuse of technology have disrupted our harmony with nature. Observe how disposable products are increasingly replacing objects of pride and beauty, simple things that would last a lifetime and beyond.

Notice how children are also affected by the abuse of technology; they are overloaded with desire for material things and they demand to be entertained according to what they see on television. Most of the master craftsmen have also been affected by mass production. In the past, their hands and creative ability were applied to fulfilling our needs. Now machines do most of their work and gradually skilled, hand-crafted, custom-made products are becoming things of the past.WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET CLOSER TO THE NATURAL ORDER?One effective way to live closer to the natural order is to take good care of your mental and physical state.

To achieve this you need to develop good eating habits and exercise your body every day using natural forms of training. Stay away from machines and equipment that are not practical to use. A good training system is one that you can use every day, anytime, anywhere and for the rest of your life. A good training system should also integrate the adoption of good mental and physical habits. If you consider simple solutions like taking pills to reduce weight or supplements to build big muscles without symmetry or flexibility, then you are erroneously defying nature.

Having good eating habits and training your body correctly is the most responsible way to live closer to the natural order. Gradually you will be a responsible consumer that only buys the products and services needed to sustain your best physical and mental state. Gradually our societies will produce products for our well being and those products created for mere convenience and selfish reasons will be eliminated.

Commit yourself to acquiring good eating habits, exercising, meditating and interacting with society and nature. Learn how to enjoy your body and mind naturally. This attitude will attune you to the natural order, and will plant the seeds which will make our societies aware of the importance of living closer to nature. Then, gradually, the natural order will prevail.


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