Core Hydration Water Bottle

Core Hydration Bottle
This special water bottle has a build-in straw the encourages the natural way to drink water and constantly hydrate your body.


  • 600 ml. (20 oz)
  • Plastic polycarbonate bottle BPA-free

IMPORTANT: Many people are concerned over reports that damaged polycarbonate clear water bottles might leach bisphenol A (BPA) into the water. Many water bottles are made of other plastics and have always been BPA-free. Polycarbonate bottles generally are clear, not opaque. If your clear plastic water bottle has a 7 inside a triangle on the bottom, it might be polycarbonate, although it could still be BPA-free. Manufacturers of polycarbonate bottles swiftly responded by spring of 2008, producing BPA-free versions. If it's time for a new water bottle, you might want to consider our Core Hydration Bottle or others labeled BPA-free.

Includes: Water Bottle (BPA-free) & The Hydration Booklet
$19.95 US (plus S&H) - Taxes Included

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