Detoxification Juices

Many of us have tried skipping meals or going on fad diets to lose weight or improve our health. Don't despair - it's possible and it is achievable with Master Moves Cleansing Juices. At the end of the 28-Day Juice program, you will feel revitalized, cleansed, much healthier and more energetic.

Detoxifying your body is not a diet, but regular body maintenance. Just as you would spring-clean your home, when you drink Master Moves Cleansing Juices you are in effect spring-cleaning your body, clearing out all the toxins and fat that have accumulated inside you over the years.

The body is a complex machine and, like any machine it needs regular maintenance to keep it clean and working efficiently. Here are the detoxification juices you need:

Once the internal organs have extracted the nutrients from the foods, the rest is simply waste and is transported to those organs whose role it is to eliminate waste products from the body.

Liver: This organ has many important functions, one of which is to transport unwanted or toxic substances that enter the body and to transform them into
substances that the body can either retain or expel.

Kidneys: These filter and eliminate toxins from the blood via the urine. They also ensure that the body has sufficient fluid and that the balance of potassium and sodium, both important elements for regulating the amount of fluids in the body, is maintained.

Lymphatic system: Acting as a waste disposal unit, the lymphatic system is a network of vessels extending all around the body. It produces a liquid called lymph that absorbs micro-organisms, dead cells, excess fluids, and other waste products derived from food. It transports them to the lymph nodes where the fluid is filtered, taken into the bloodstream and on to eliminatory organs where unwanted substances are expelled from the body via urine, faeces, or sweat.

Important: The simple fact is that we all get stressed, we all rush around too much, and we all tend to eat more convenience food than perhaps we should. Can you imagine how our insides must look? The answer is to detox in order to restore inner cleanliness. The results will be amazing, but you must be determined. You'll need a good helping of willpower to complete the recommended program.

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