We must expect to experience the logical
result of our thoughts.

by Oswaldo Koch

In her famous book, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley wrote about a scientist who worked for nearly two years, depriving himself of rest and health for the sole purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body. The scientist was infatuatedwith the idea of creating the best human being possible. He selected the strongest limbs and human parts to create a beautiful human, but when life was finally bestowed upon the creature, breathless horror and disgust filled the heart of its creator.

To look at the creature’s shriveled complexion, dull eyes, convulsive motions and yellow skin that barely covered its deformed muscles was unbearable. How can you describe the emotions of the creator with this catastrophe? The outcome caused the beauty of his dream to vanish. Despite his good intentions, the scientist had created a monster.

In real life, outcomes can be unpredictable catastrophes if we do not integrate all of the necessary elements that nature demands to establish its natural order. We can ruin our lives and become obese, develop cancer and chronic illneses if we don't apply correctly nature's law. The imaginary monster of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a good example of what tragedy may ensue when nature is knowingly and irresponsibly defied.

To understand nature's law, we have to learn from our past experiences and from other people's experiences. However, if we dwell only on our thoughts and previous experiences, then we will live a limited life. People who spend all their time talking about their unhappiness become unhappier. People who talk about discord, will become more discordant. But those who live in harmony with their family and community will enrich themselves and other. Eventually, learning from different cultures, philosophies and schools of thoughts, we will understand that all human limitations are inventions of our own ignorance of nature's law.

Imagine what would happen if just once the soil, electricity or gravity failed to function according to nature's law. Our faith in nature makes us confident that when we plant an apple seed, the result is going to be an apple tree and not an orange tree. Like a variety of seeds, each of us is biologically different and our environments vary, affecting the extent of our physical and mental fitness. However, we can achieve positive results in our physical training if we learn how to utilize one of nature's laws: the law of cause and effect.

The Mastermoves basic principles are non-discriminatory. That is to say that the law that applies to all of humanity living in harmony with nature applies as well in the Mastermoves program. In this respect, the imaginary monster of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a good example of what could happen when nature is erroneously defied. If we apply nature's law correctly, monsters should exist only in novels, not in real life.

Live a Fit and Prosperous Life!

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